Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Going to the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

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    Are you going to the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay circuit? Join or start a discussion below and swap notes with other people who are going to this race.

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    Has anyone sat in the Stamford Stand before? Any suggestions as to the block? I’m thinking the far left block as they come around the corner. There’s not a lot of video on Youtube so it’s hard to tell what I’m going to get.


    Not Stamford but we sat in Turn 2 & 3, that was good but like all street circuits they are gone too quick out of view.

    Where are you planning to stay? We stayed Park Royal (Serviced Suites) on Beach Road, in and out gate 1 or 2 in 10min, great location.


    @evilhomer. We spent the first 3 years at pit and turn 2. T2 is excellent, pit not so much. But the zone 1 area is a long way from the Padang stage and we’re keen on the entertainment aspect. We did the Padang combo last year; Bay, Pit, Padang. Best of all worlds as the Esplanade has better facilities than zone 1 and most of the bands. This year the combo is Stamford, Pit, Padang. Race view isn’t as good as T2 though.

    We’re at the Novotel, an easy walk to zone 3 and 4 area. It also had a lot if entertainment right on the doorstep. My teenage kids can also find their way back to the hotel easily if we split up through the night. Novotel has gone up in price quite a bit from our first visit though but the kids familiarity with the area makes it easy on me to manage the trip.

    Flights, race tickets, hotel – all booked and paid in full. Can’t wait.


    Cheers mate, will keep that one in mind for the next one. Only been last year, was an extended family holiday (10 of us) so I went along with anything, except F1 tickets. We were in T3 Premium (or Premier??) so had a viewing platform, bar and also an air-con hospitality area to eat and have a beer, didn’t spent too much time there but a good break from the humidity. It was too pricey for what we got though, Singapore is actually more expensive than Monaco! Go the next race in Malaysia for 1/3rd of the price with tickets and hotels, flights good as well.


    Finally, after going back and forth for 4 years (I’m going, not going, going, not going) I’m “officially” off to Singapore in September for the Race Weekend.

    We’re doing a 10 day trip splitting Singapore w/ Tokyo for 5 Days Each. Can’t wait!!!

    Shoutout to Mankster and the rest of you guys for all your insight over the years in providing insight on the overall game plan with dealing with the Circuit and its variables.

    I was able to hop on the Super Early Bird Special ticketing back in November in which I got the seating in the Pit Grandstand for Friday & Saturday and Premier Walkabout Tickets for Sunday. I’m currently attempting to trade in my Premier Walkabout Tickets on Sunday for Esplanade Waterfront Waterfront Grandstand Tickets. I contacted Singapore GP and spoke with a representative about 2 weeks ago and they said that i couldn’t trade the tickets in even though the Esplanade Waterfront Tickets are valued $100 less each than the Premium Walkabout Tickets. What they told me was I can only “Trade Up” but I can’t “Trade Down”. I found that to be a bit odd since I’m willing to eat the difference in price of the tickets anyway.

    With that being said do you any of guys have any history with being able to trade and/or swap tickets through the ticket office on race weekend? I’m planning to call back once the Early Bird Special they are currently running expires in May and try again. Hopefully by that point, they might be a little more willing to allow me to make the swap.


    I have traded tickets plenty of times with those I have met in the hotel or in the circuit, but not normally for the Sunday. I haven’t check this years prices but the Stamford may be a straight exchange with the Premier Walkabout Sunday ticket. Having done both Esplande and Stamford, I would choose Stamford again.


    I moved seats once but in the same stand so it’s doable “officially” through SISTIC (if you’ve gone direct) but if you bought through a reseller then I reckon you might be snookered. Trading fan-to-fan on the day is possible but I’d be wary of security. Last year they checked my ID, a spot check and it only happened once (in 5 GP visits). But I think they do that so that regular person “A” doesn’t give their ticket to axe-wielding maniac “B”. While it’d be wildly against the odds you’d get spot checked and refused entry using someone else’s ticket it’d be a possibility I guess. But that’s just my read on what happened – it might just be that my disguise as a middle class, middle aged, white dude who looks like a suburban accountant (I’m not that at least) was so convincing that I just had to be hiding something.

    Esplanade stand looked good with a nice breeze but pretty exposed to the sun in the afternoon, it also has better access to the entertainment and food than Bay because you don’t have that bottleneck across the track going East. While the view is great and it’s got a nice air/con bar at the top I’d avoid Bay at all costs, the seats are horrific – the person who designed them must moonlight at Guantanamo.

    I’m all prepaid up; flights, hotel, tickets. Come September it’ll feel like a free trip.


    This year will be my first time at the Singapore GP and I can’t wait. I’ve booked hotel and flights but haven’t booked F1 tickets yet as I’m not sure where to sit. I’ve been looking at turn 2 Block A2 or A3, after reading numerous reviews online, however only lower rows are avaliable on the SingaporeGP website (row 3 or 4), do you still get a good view of the pit straight and turns 1 and 2 from that low down? Or should I look at tickets elsewhere? Ideally want to be sitting in Zone 1.



    @rachel if you’re down low you’ll be looking through the catch fencing all night so it might be just me but that’s not ideal. The upper levels of T2 are better IMO as you get a clear view. Anything above the vomitories is good. I spent a couple of races in block A6 which is at GE far left of the stand nearer to T3. It gave a good view of all three corners. There’s also a position right under the highway bridge I scoped out once. It gives you a view down our straight, the pit exit, and the back of the cars going through T1-3. Also handy if it rains, which it never does at racetime. Pit grandstand is a bust as far as I’m concerned. It’s virtually all behind Catch fencing and the cars are going so fast you can’t really appreciate them. A comment above says T3 grandstand is good.


    If you phone the ticket hotline, you can choose your row.


    Hi all, firstly my apology if this is not the right thing to do Mr Moderator / Admin. Please delete this post if it is not permissible.

    We have 2 tickets extra at Bay Grand Stand (3 days). Due to unforeseen circumstances 2 of our friends cannot make it to this GP. He is willing to let it go at a discounted price i.e. at EUR300 for both 2 tickets (original price was EUR345). The tickets was purchased during ‘Super Early Bird’ promotion. Current selling price is at EUR368 and EUR398 ater 8 May 2017.

    The exact location of these tickets are at LIGHT GREEN SECTOR, ROW 19, SEAT #42 & 43. You’ll be sitting next to us, a Malaysian & local Singaporean guy. We will be more than happy to assist you in any info with regards to Singaporean and also Malaysian GP if you are interested, be our guest!

    For any further info please DM me or write to me at awizul@yahoo.com.


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