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Singapore GP 2017

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    Hi everyone,

    This will be my first GP and I will be staying in MBS in Singapore and was looking for some information, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have heard that Turn 3 is the best one to view the race can someone confirm or advise otherwise?

    We are very Interested in the entertainment aspect after the race, would we be better taking a ticket for zone 4?

    Where is the best place to purchase the tickets?

    Is hospitality a good idea? If so what would you suggest?

    Thanks Stewart


    Turn 3 is great but T2 will save you a bucket of cash and gives you a comparable view. Hospitality at T3 is apparently good but expensive, if you’ve got the cash then go for it. T3 also has an A/C area which might swing your decision. Avoid Bay grandstand, the seats are killers though it does get a nice breeze.

    Your T3/T2 ticket will get you into the zone 4 Padang area for getting major concerts but it’s a fair walk. There’s also a stage at the Village in zone 1 but the biggest acts don’t play there.

    I always get my tickets direct from SISTIC in Singapore which is the main seller. They’ve always been terrific.


    Turn 3 is great, has hospitality and a/C but is quite expensive. T2 is my pick for the zone 1 area, comparable view to T3 in the western most seats.

    A zone 1 for T3 ticket will get you into the Padang area but it’s quite a walk.

    SISTIC is the official outlet for tickets, they are highly efficient and have never failed me.


    We went T3 Corporate last year and as @Thecollaroyboys says its expensive- we can almost get Paddock Club in Melbourne for the same price.

    Its air con and drinks/food but I think T2 gives a better view (they do have corporate- Green Room maybe).

    Corporate is better of course but a grandstand is great too- just that Singapore is the most expensive Grands Prix on the calendar to attend.

    I done an extensive review in the Singapore travel forum last year (will still be there) and Keith does a review of last years travellers and I managed 4 last year and gave a good re-cap on each – if you cant find it or need more info let me know- Singapore is a great Grand Prix! Expensive but you can do it a bit cheaper if you know where to go as well.

    Try the forum “going to the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix”


    If you want entertainment on the main stage on the Padang and good racing I’d recommend the Stamford Grandstand between turns 7 and 8 and its probably about the best part of the track for overtaking. Have sat there a couple of times including last year and was able to get Queen with Adam Lambert after qualies well before they started playing. Hospitality is nice, but I wouldn’t actually pay the prices they charge (have had it for free in the past but that’s another story).


    Does anybody have an idea on a good “Premier Walkabout Spot” where I can watch the race from? I have access to all four zones. If so, and you don’t want to make it publicly know, you can just message me.

    Thanks in Advance



    I’m also wondering where’s best to watch the race with a walkabout ticket – any zone.

    What are your thoughts on the following tickets for Fri & Sat: Pit Grandstand, Block AA Rows 5 and 8, seats 1 and 2.

    I appreciate these may not be the best seats but the information online is so conflicting and I don’t really know what I’m doing to be honest. I’m taking my partner as a surprise so just assumed for my budget these seats would catch the last turn and see the drivers whizz up and past the finish line?

    Now I’m worried there may be obstructions as most people have said to get the higher rows, although these were the only ones available when I booked (which was in December).

    Thanks in advance!


    @travelbird12 AA is set back a bit and you’ll have a good view of that final corner. It’s certainly a better spot than mid-pit lane where the cats are only in view for a second. Lower down you’ll have the catch fencing to deal with but the upside is that you’ll get more of a cooling breeze than further along pit and it’s easy to get onto the track at the end of the race. It’s a fair walk from the village to AA but nothing too serious.

    As to walkabout in zone 1. I’ve never had it but I’ve seen people on the inside of the T1/2 area. How they got there I don’t know.


    Great, thanks @thecollaroyboys! That eases my mind a little and was what I’d hoped for. I’m sure the fence won’t be a huge deal… he’s just going to be happy he’s going to his first GP!

    If T1/2 have bleachers I’d imagine that’d be the best spot then, as I’ve seen them praised for the grandstand.

    When you say easy to get onto the track at the end of the race, what do you mean by that? Will you be going this year?


    @travelbird12. that’s the inside of T1/2, the grandstand itself is on the outside of the turn. It may be that it’s the paddock club area and inaccessible to regular ticket holders.

    After the race you can get into the track to and walk down pit straight. You can check out the garages and see them getting packed up. That’s on Sunday night only of course. After that you can walk down the track (anti clockwise) to get to the Padang area.

    This will be our fifth year. We had Zone 1 tickets for 3 years and last year and this year we’ve done the 3 grandstand tickets (Padang pit Stamford). I can’t wait.


    oh wow! All of my research and I still didn’t know that! That’s so cool. Where can you access the track from?

    It’s obviously doing something right if this is your fifth time. We went to the F1 Live event in London a month or so ago and he was in his element then, so getting to go on an actual track will be a dream.


    We got into the track through a cruddy little gate directly across from the podium. We’ve also accessed it through a gate near the T1 wheelchair platform. Grab a bit of tyre rubber as a souvenir.

    The big plus for me is that Singapore’s track is one of the most easily accessible from public transport or walking from the City hotels. It’s a big factor if you’re with kids (mine were small the first time but are more robust now). The night race is also very scenic with the city lights and the bay.

    Singapore also falls at the right time of year in the Australian school holidays schedule so I can take my kids without disrupting their studies. Melbourne is at the worst time of year for us even though it’s just down the road.

    F1 live looked like fun.


    The T1/2 infield bleachers are accessible to everyone with a Zone 1 ticket. It gives good views but alas no view of a big screen so difficult to keep track of how the race is unfolding. You need to walk over the bridge over the main straight to get to it.
    The two points they open access to the track after the race on Sunday are either end of the pit Grandstand.

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