Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Singapore GP – Esplanade Stand…please help

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    Ruby Red

    Hi all
    Hoping to get some advice from those of you in the know. I am booking a secret trip for my husband’s 30th in 2015 to the Singapore GP.
    Have decided on the Esplanade Grandstand….section A3.
    During this early-bird period, without actually purchasing, I get allocated seats in the front row….ie A3, Row 1, Seat 15 – 16
    Any feedback on whether these seats will have obstructed views?
    There seems to be no option to choose seats within a section….
    We have been to the Aussie GP several times and usually choose to sit int he top 1/3 of the corner stands we have been in previously.
    Am scouring previous forum posts for any advice.
    Appreciate your time,


    I was in Esplanade block A3 last year. I much prefer the higher rows and an aisle seat closest to to the edge of the stand. As I mentioned elsewhere, you can ring the telephone hotline and have you pick of seats. During the super early bird sale period ( now finished) they were only selling upto row 10, but they may well have opened up the whole stand now.

    Ruby Red

    Hi Mankster….appreciate your advice. Have now purchased seats, best I could get was Esplanade, A3, Row 16, Seats 15+16. Pretty happy with that!! And now I wait…..won’t be posted until August I am told. His birthday is before that in July. God only knows how I keep this a secret until then. So very excited.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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