Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Where to sit and where to watch at Singapore?

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    Where are the best places to watch from at Singapore?


    The best bet for a good view are the Turns 1 2 and 3 stands, or if you want pit lane and start action the upper sectors of Pit Grandstand. The lower sections of Pit Grandstand have too much obstruction from the fences and you can’t see over the pit wall – as far up the back as possible. If you’re in Pit T1 or T2 you’ll have easy access to the circuit invasion after the race which is quite fun.

    Pink Peril

    We went in 2008 & had seats in the Bay grandstand, which as it turned out was the most notorious place to sit as Crashgate happened right in front of us ! In terms of action, well you only get to see the cars come out of turn 17 & then go under the grandstand as they take turn 18, but you will have a lovely view of the Marina Bay now that its all finished. And there is a giant screen there for all the action you miss. But I really liked the novelty of the cars running under the stand, even if the action in front of you wasn’t the greatest. But I did note that tickets for this stand were far more reasonably priced than some of the others, and we considered the money well spent.


    Turn 2 grandstand, block A2 is the absolute best spot. Looking straight, you’re looking down the pit straight.


    Hi all. I’ll hopefully be going to the 2012 Grand Prix – I believe tickets go on sale imminently! I think our most likely option is to go for the Bay grandstand. Does anybody (maybe Pink Peril?) know which areas give the best views, or which areas to avoid? From the grandstand plan on the website it looks like high up in the green areas might be the good, as there’s an outside chance of seeing over the back of the stand towards turn 20? However I’m not sure if there will also be good views of a TV from this area (it’s hard to tell from the YouTube videos!) or whether you would get a better view from being near the front of the stand?

    Also, does anybody know if it’s possible to go on the Singapore Flyer without a Zone 1 grandstand/premier walkabout ticket? I know it’s free with these tickets, but didn’t know if we could buy tickets to it separately during the weekend?

    Apologies for all the questions, thanks in advance!



    Sorry if this is a bit late. For Bay Grandstand you really want to be as low as possible. No you cant see over the back. Somewhere to the left or the middle of the stand is ok.
    You will need a zone 1 ticket to get the free rides on the flyer. You can get combo tickets wich includes a Zone 1 ticket on one of the days or keep an eye out on Ebay (UK and other sites rather than Singapore EBay) as plenty of people only arrive on the Saturaday and sell off their Friday Tickets. Last year I got 2 Pit Grandstand Friday Ticket for £50.


    I’m intending to travel from Aust to the race this year. Is paying the extra money for a grand stand seat worth it over a gen admin ticket?


    Hi Andrew. From what we saw last year theres not a real lot of GA viewing. We were in the zone 1 area and there were virtually no GA viewing areas I could see. There are a couple of decemt spots around turn 4 5 (i think) but how crowded these get during the race I dont know. Theres always the big TV in the gate 1 area but if youve shelled out to get all the way to Sg it would be a pity just to watch it on telly. Tickets are really expensive in zone 1 but the stands down at the gate 5 area are, i believe, somewhat cheaper. That said, nobody goes to a GP to save money do they :). The “gimick” of a night race is one that actally works – the cars look fantastic under lights, the city lights and fireworks are fantastic, the big TV screens are much more visible, and its a bloody sight cooler in the evening.


    Hey Guys,

    We’re stopping off in Singapore for the F1 on our way back from Bali for our honeymoon. I have started looking at Grandstands and picked Connaught as the one we want to be on. One question though is if your in A8 and get a “good seat” at the edge, can you see turn 8? I’ve seen a couple of website mention it’s possible but just wondering if anyone else has actually sat here.



    Yesw you can, but its not practicle as the t8 is behind and to your Left. A much better I dea would be to get Stamford A8-9 high rows if you want to see 2 different parts of the track.Y ou dont even need to be on the asile.


    Would you recommend Stamford over Connaught?


    Yes definately, Stamford is also at the end of the DRS zone, and the easiest stand to get to – right next to a MRT Station and Shopping Mall.
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    For those attending this year’s race, try standing under the Esplanade Bridge when the cars are going over it. It’s quite the experience to have glorious V8 howls shake you to the bone. Bring earplugs!

    Also worth trying if you’re near the Bay Grandstand is the section where the cars pass under the grandstand itself. If you’re early enough with a GA ticket, go up the stairs inside – there’s a vantage point where you can see the cars zoom below you through the grandstand.

    Personally, the value in having a ticket to the Bay Grandstand itself is to have a guaranteed seat on race day itself as there’s not much to see in the short accelerate/brake stretch of tarmac. The GA viewing areas fill up really fast and you’ll need to be really early to get a good spot (and there’s not much to keep you busy while you wait – the quality/variety of support races has been sorely lacking) so the Bay tickets were a hedge against that.


    hi… i was there in 2010 (padang gs), then 2011 (T2 A1)… i think T2 A2, row 8 and above has the best view.

    i would personally like to try stamford gs for this year tho…


    Hi Guys, can i know where it is best to watch from zone 4 walkabout tixs?

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