Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Where to sit and where to watch at Singapore?

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    @Mankster Thanks for the insight.

    Final question, what is the Aedes Mosquito situation like in and around Marina Bay and metro Singapore for that matter during Grand Prix Weekend? Me and my girlfriend would be attending the race together and the both of us are terrified of contracting Dengue Fever which apparently remains a problem in the region. We live in The Northeast US and only really travel to Europe when we leave the country so pardon my ignorance when it comes to this.

    We went to Monaco earlier this year and she’s been pretty much begging me to choose Monte Carlo over Singapore due to the presents of these mosquitoes. Though, I don’t want to put either of us in harms way and I know there are no guarantees, I just want to make the best decision possible based on all of the information that I’ve been collecting. Thanks in advance


    The only place in Simgapore a tourist may come across mosquitoes is the zoo and around McRitchie reservoirs ( never come across any myself). The other clusters are in dense public housing estate. You don’t find them in built up areas and downtown or by the Bay.
    As tourist I think your statistically more like to be run over crossing the road than catching Dengue Fever.


    I’ve been to the past three Sing GPs with my early teenage kids. Ive Never seen a mozzie in the downtown area or around the track. We sit by the water on the grassy areas under the bridge near the Village stage to cool off and get away from the crowds most nights between races. And even right on the water there are no bugs. I think I’ve seen one ad on local TV about mozzie awareness (don’t leave water in bowls outside, that sort of thing) but we those here as well. I’d say the chance of getting anything like dengue is remote if you’re anywhere in the city, sentosa, botanic gardens, marina etc. I’d take Singapore over Monaco any day. The organisation is flawless and you can walk from your hotel to the track in most cases. You don’t get that in a lot of GPs.

    Martyn Massop

    I know this is an old topic but thought I would share my two cents.

    I was at the most recent Singapore GP, first time there. I was sat in the Bay Grandstand, cost was a factor I will admit but I also read a review that was actually pretty hopeful for it.

    Having been there I will 100% be sitting in this Grandstand again next year when I plan on returning. The view you get of the bay is next to none and on this section of the track there was no shortage of action. Passes, people braking too late and running off, colliding with the wall before the tunnel, the SOUND of the V8’s through the tunnel. It was just a fantastic experience. It’s a shame that you don’t get as much of a view on the straight but besides the Pit Straight Grandstand I don’t think there are many other places where you can get more decent “on track” time here as cars just shoot-by at speed through others and you get two huge screens and loud speakers so you always know what is going on during the race. At least at Bay you get decent acceleration and braking action here. If this wasn’t good enough the fireworks display is fantastic here. I’ve got a video of it on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctQwszwgkG8.

    The only downside I had with this was the fact that you don’t get access to the F1 Village. So next year I’d get a walkabout roving ticket as well as a Bay Grandstand ticket so that I could access Zone 1 over the weekend. For the early bird price of only £114 for a 3 day ticket for the Grandstand getting a walkabout ticket will be no big deal!


    You didn’t miss anything. The F1 village in Zone one is a smaller version of that in the Padang with the addition of some more upmarket ( expensive) food and drink options and a smaller stage.

    Some other points to note for Bay Grandstand is that seats are smaller with no proper seat back, poorer view from the higher up seats ( the rake of this permanant grandstand is designed to view the the floating stage rather than the road in front of it) and the long time queuing to get out on Saturday and Sunday.


    I agree that the Pit Grandstand is a waste of time and money given that its at the Zone 1 price. We learnt that the first time we went. In some seats you can see into the pits but for all but the formation and start its bad value. We’ve been in the T2 grandstand for the past 2 years and the viewing is excellent in rows 15 and above. You bet three corners, plenty of stop and go, and if you pick the right seat you can see all the way up pit straight. That said, it’s A$1000 for the ticket so it’s an expensive weekend away. The food in village, and I suspect elsewhere, is the usual woeful event concession food which is incredible to me because Singapore is a foodies wet dream. We’ve always gone for three days in the same seats but we’ll probably look at the multi for next year so we can have Friday at bay, Saturday at esplanade and Sunday at T2.


    The Singapore food Trail at the base of the Flyer and Gluttons bay food court behind the Esplanade are the best place for food and drink – the are regular hawker/ food court type places that find themselves within the F1 circuit. There are also regular bars like Harry’s at the Esplande and the usual resturants. You can also pop in and out of the circuit to Raffles City Mall and Marina Square – or if you are in the Padang to Funan IT Mall where you will find countless cheap dining options. So there no need to resort to the event pop up stalls and their prices if you don’t want to.


    Returning to the Singapore GP after a 5 year break. Taking a few people this time around so gone for the premier walkabout rather than a grandstand seat like 5 years ago. Group wants to move around a bit rather than sit in the one place.

    Does anybody have any advice of some good places to watch Friday and Saturday from and then where to watch the race on Sunday from?


    Ian Teo

    For quali/or when the cars are doing their quali run in P3, be sure to check out the outside of T21, below the pedestrian overhead bridge. Look out for the portion of concrete wall missing paint, that’s where the drivers get closest and that’s where you should stand! If you want to view a big screen, the only place in zone 1 is along the straight between T21, and T22. The view from the roof of the Singapore flyer complex is worth a visit. For the start of the race, a good place would be the inside of T1. There are some standing platforms for walkabout ticket holders there. Zone 4 is much more crowded than zone 1, especially on Sat and Sun. The view from the roof of the esplanade in zone 4 is very good. (accessible from the esplanade mall)

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