Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Going to the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix.

    John Ward

    Has anyone ever stayed in Sitges and taken the train to the circuit? Thinking of going again in 2013, was there in 2011 stayed in Castelldefels and really enjoyed it, but heard Sitges was better for restaurants, beaches, shopping, hotels, etc.

    sbl on tour

    stiges, very upmarket, quite expensive, very nice, heart of barca gay community,bit futher away from the circuit however

    david mason

    need info on best places to stay hotels and means of getting to the track might be taking wife with us so making a city break of it. hotel in centre and travel to track how easy is it to get there by train and bus? any info please thanks


    I need to know whether it is worth getting a hotel in Barcelona and getting either the bus or train to the circuit, or camping at campingf1 in a pre-erected tent!?
    I see tickets are dirt cheap in comparison to Silverstone, so therefore I was thinking of doing grandstand J (the cheap main straight grandstand) then stay at Campingf1 for convenience, but is it very hard to actually get to the circuit!?

    John Ward

    On the train, from Barcelona takes about 20 to 25 minutes, didn’t seem to be long a train trip, from the train station, a fast walking pace takes 20 minutes.


    So its very easy to get to, in comparison to say Silverstone!?


    very easy and much cheaper than silverstone. 92 pound for a general admission ticket which gives you pit walk thursday grandstand friday general areas sat/sun. buses run from city centre in barcelona to track. think about 9E return


    I’m also considering going to this race, at least it’s easy to get to by train. As a 20 year old, I’d have some difficulty getting a hire car!


    After a fantastic Silverstone trip this year – this Mrs is now hooked!

    Pre Silverstone I said – ‘Hey, if we enjoy, we can go next year!’ ‘You got no chance mate!’
    …After Friday she was already hooked, regardless of the little wet running!

    So I’m looking at Barcelona – it’s so much cheaper than Silverstone!
    I’ve got a few great hotel/flight/car hire packages I’ve found on Expedia, and the race tickets seem a bargain.
    My only concern is that the 2013 race calendar isn’t finalised… I don’t want to be ending up booking and then the date changing! Especially since the official F1 site (Or Catalunya site) say nout yet…

    Getting the real itch to just get on and book though! :D
    Might see you there! Adam x


    Ok… after Silverstone, Spa and Monza am thinking of trying Spain next year. However not sure whether to drive or fly or hotel or camp. I would appreciate some advice before booking, and would be really grateful if anyone could answer some questions: –

    1: – How far is Barcelona and are there regular trains / buses to and from the track, if so how long does it take and how far is the track from the station.

    2: – Is the campsite near the track and are there plenty of bars / resturants around the circuit.

    Any other advice would be appreciated.


    Hi Mick, the track is about 20-25 mins from Barcelona. There are regular buses that run from Barcelona to the circuit all 3 days and are very cheap, we used them this year and they are great.

    There is a campsite right next to the circuit however i never saw any bars or restaurants about, the circuit is out in the countryside.

    We are going again next yr and will be staying in Barcelona and using the bus service to get to and from the circuit. Hope this has been helpful.


    Cheers Mark, I was thinking of camping but if Barcelona is only 25 mins away and the transport is regular and good may be a good idea to stay in town. If you could tell me where the trains / buses go from would be a big help in looking for hotels in the vicinity.

    Thanks very much.


    @mick61 Some useful info in this thread as well, a new train station opened near the track recently:

    How to get to Circuit de Catalunya

    Debbie Cox

    Can anyone help me please? I’m thinking of going to 2013 Spanish GP in Barcelona and I’m not too sure of where the best places to say would be. I was thinking Barcelona will more than likely be expensive? I’ll be usuing the public transport rather than car. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks in advance.

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