Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

How to get to Circuit de Catalunya

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    Share your tips on getting to the track.


    As far as I can see there are two options for those looking for public transport to the circuit:

    Sagales Bus from Plaza Sant Joan in the city centre to the circuit. Details at that link for 2011 race, hopefully they will update it soon with 2012 details.

    Roadalies Barcelona line “R2” runs from the airport all the way to the circuit.


    The bus tickets are on sale now on the Sagales website.


    They’ve got a new railway station:



    I am planning to get to the circuit by train, and I’ve looked into the various tickets available. There are a couple of useful links:

    Map of the city showing both Metro and Rodalies train stops: http://www.fgc.es/eng/planol.asp
    Tickets from TMB: http://www.tmb.cat/en/bitllets-i-tarifes

    Central Barcelona is in Zone 1
    Barcelona Airport is in Zone 1
    Montmelo station (beside the circuit) is in Zone 2D

    A ticket allowing unlimited travel in 2 zones costs €10.95 per day. However, if you’re only planning on going to the circuit this is not the best option. The cheapest one seems to be the T-10 ticket, €18.40 buys you 10 journeys within Zone 1 + Zone 2.

    The good thing about the “journeys” is that they do not need to correspond directly to the number of trains you take. If you take the metro to the main stop to get the train to the circuit, provided you get on the train to the circuit within 75 minutes of arriving at the main station it will count as just one journey for both the metro and Rodalies train.

    This ticket allows you to travel to and from the airport as well, so if you are planning on going 4 days, the T-10 ticket should be enough to do this.

    I got info from here: http://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/transport/barcelona-metro.html#metroticket – not my fault if I’m wrong, sorry :p


    no you’re right T10 ticket deffo zones 1 and 2 you’ll need for montmelo. Cant imagine what it will be like on the way back though!! Probably will hang about for a good while afterward on sunday before even trying. Will be staying near sants station and jumping on there planning to be leaving by 8am in the mornings.

    (And dont forget to watch out for those thieving ***** on public transport in Barcelona – weld everything to your person at all times and if you’ve never been to BCN before make yourself aware of the usual scams/!!)


    @fishfingers & @timmy you are both spot on. The T10 is the best choice ticket for getting there. Some additional info, the train operator is putting on more trains for the Grand Prix Sat & Sun. Should help make travelling there and back easier.


    We’re going to the Barce GP in 2013 and I’m curious about the train line R2:
    – the R2 train line runs from airport to the circuit?
    – The T10 is really the best option for a 4day trip?
    – how busy is it to catch a train? (our flight is at 22:00, is that possible?)
    – How does one get tickets for R2?

    Ian Lockwood

    If you don’t want to be in Barcelona centre, you can stay out on the coast and get a coach to the circuit from there.


    1. The R2 train will take you from the airport to Montmeló (where the circuit is located) but it’s still a bit far. I think that for the Grand Prix the circuit is scheduling buses from the train station to the circuit (and viceversa).
    2. The T10 allows you to do 10 trips, so if you’re staying for 4 days then you’ll spend 4 going to the circuit and 4 going back to the airport/hotel = you’ll use 8 out of 10 trips that this ticket has.
    3. There’s a train every half an hour, and I think that for the Grand Prix there’ll be more trains scheduled for the R2 line. The last train leaving the airport is the one at 23:40
    4. At the airport’s train station, there are several machines where you can buy a T10 for 2 zones.

    Chris Mottram

    Does anyone know if you have to buy tickets in advance for the bus from Plaza Sant Joan or can you pay when you get on?

    Ryan Day

    Chris you can buy them online from http://www.sagales.com ! you pay online then print of the tickets then show them on the day of your bus journey. thats what am doing its less hassle

    David Rushton

    ill be driving as were staying in a villa to the west of the circuit.. i forget where at the moment.. there is a very useful map and good transport instructions on the english version of the circuit’s main website. :-)


    we are staying in lloret de mar race weekend and would like to avoid driving to circuit so we can have a drink. can anyone advise on how we can do this! are there any buses from lloret to circuit by local tour companies. If anyone has any info please get in touch!



    Jim C

    I’m thinking of attending this year’s race and will be flying out of Barcelona for Cologne Sunday evening. What would my best option for transport be? I was thinking dropping my bag off at the airport on my way to the track, this would save traveling back to the city.
    Also what is the main train station called in Barcelona?

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