Going to the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas

Going to the 2012 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas

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    joac21, I was able to talk to Roger Mier at http://www.trinityrvrentals.com and said that there still waiting for some inf. he was told that it would be at the the end of June and here we are, it could be any time now. Here’s the # 1-800-917-7511. How may in your party?


    @speediea thanks Rich… i called the track and it seems its going to be a premium membership space as well. and they are not sure just yet……. i started looking and everything is almost booked.. i found one called the hacienda http://www.lahaciendarvpark.com/index.htm they have spaces but i didnt make the reservation because it seems pretty far away from austin to me.. what do you think is it too far away ??

    im going with my dad and 2 brothers….


    joac21, Lago Vista is a very nice area west of Austin, it’s probably a 45min drive to the airport which is 7-8 miles from the race track, not bad considering people are going to be coming in from San Antonio and Houston. Remember that we will all be shuttled in,still LOT’S of questions. As far a the RV park, for the peace of mind i would go for it.

    Stephen Jones

    Well, one thing led to another and I now have tickets for T11 GS.

    First Grand Prix outside of Australia, so pretty pumped! Can’t wait to meet up with some fellow F1Fanatics


    Any houston residents planning to head up? So far all my friends have flaked out of the prospect (fair enough since most would have to cross the atlantic), I think f1fanatics might be the best bet.

    Also anyone planning to get GA tickets?


    COTA is putting parking permits up for sale, presumably after they couldn’t move enough PSLs. At 200 USD a pop, they’re pretty pricey but given the logistical horrors that people are predicting will befall the shuttle bus/public transportation system, a parking permit might just be the way to go.


    Going to Be at Turn 1 Section 5.
    Can’t wait. Waiting to see if anything about Parking is coming available. $213 for three days is a bit brutal. Might have to see about Shuttle from Downtown.


    What are options for viewing the race? Is Fanvision the only link to a live video feed? Or is there anything viewable on a laptop/ipad/etc? Or any info on video screen locations?

    Rachel Clarke

    Looking forward to this! I’m at T12, row 15. Luckily my ex-boss lives in Austin so staying with him – far better than paying the extortionate hotel prices! Also all the other things they seem to keep trying to overcharge for, like the parking


    So everything is ready.. any suggestions to get from The hacienda RV resort wich is at 5220 Hudson Bend Rd, Austin Texas 78734 to any of the shuttle pickup points ????

    carlos martel

    I have 4 extra tickets if anybody is interested at turn 4
    Section: T4-7
    Row: 6
    Reserved Seating
    Turn 4 Bleacher Grandstand


    I’m in the turn 4 stand with my wife, dad, bro, and his girlfriend. Looking forward to it!
    Is there any kind of meet up going on, at the track or downtown??
    I’ve been to Austin and it is a FUN town to go drinkin’!!


    I’m in Turn 12, grandstand 12 I think too.
    How about those bus line ups. oh man…..


    Was sitting at the turn 5 grandstand. Bit disappointed that the seats weren’t high enough to see turn 12 – view was partially blocked by the support race trailers in between.

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