Going to the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas

Going to the 2017 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas

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    Are you going to the 2017 United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas? Join or start a discussion below and swap notes with other people who are going to this race.

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    Rob Marson

    Already got accommodation and flights sorted but surprised tickets aren’t available yet. I went to the hurricane hit race in 2015 and brought my tickets on New Years Eve 2014 so they appear to be later this time. Anyone know when they were on sale for the 2016 race?


    Hi Rob any tips on where to sit? Obviously Turn 1 is hugely popular and now sold out, but Turn 15 also seems to be a good one?

    I noticed COTA offering a kind of hybrid ticket like at Silverstone where you can sit in 3 different grandstands in 3 days called the “Flex Pass” – seems like decent value at $625.

    Also, any recommendations on hotels? The circuit is quite far out from Austin and we are wondering where to stay?


    Alex green

    The buses to the circuit leave from the convention centre and are really good.I stayed in the hyatt just across from there but there are other hotels around that area and its a 5/10 min walk up to 3rd street where all the bars/live music is

    Rob Marson

    Hi Simon,
    When I went in 2015 I went for Turn 5 stand. This was good as you could see the cars snake through the curves after coming under the bridge. This year it appeared no Turn 5 tickets were on sale – not sure why.

    Turn 1 is indeed very popular but having walked up and had a look it didn’t offer much else other than a good view of the hill and hairpin.

    If COTA are offering a hybrid ticket I don’t really see the point in all honesty. From my experience during Friday and Saturday they didn’t much care where you sat in any stand because it wasn’t full. Sunday was of course different.

    I’ve gone for Turn 12 this time around – good views of the speed they carry on the long straight and a good view of the infield series of corners and reasonable value too.

    Yes, the circuit is way out from the City but they lay on shuttle service all over the weekend which leaves from downtown Austin – if I recall $25 got you a wristband to cover all three days in 2015. That year it departed from outside of the Convention Center on Trinity Street – not sure if it’s the same each year.

    As the shuttle departs from there and you want to use it then of course it’s sensible if you can to stay in Downtown Austin but whenever I’ve looked it’s pricey.

    In 2015 I stayed a little out of town around 7 miles north on i-35 (orangewood inn) and caught a cab to the shuttle each day – worked out cheaper for me that way.

    This year we’re doing it slightly different as we are staying in Texas for a week so we’re staying out of town and hiring a car and I’ll drive and park at the track (tickets extra for parking).

    Some minor tips…..
    1. if you want to purchase alcohol at the track you need ID. I’m 50+ and had to show ID!

    2.take plenty cash, food and drink are pretty expensive and if you want to go up the tower then that will cost as well ($30 per person if i recall correctly in 2015). I say cash as a safeguard as all the card machine network at track broke down when i was there!

    3.the queues to get on the shuttles on the sunday after the race are LONG. 2015 we were in the queue waiting to get on the bus for nearly 3 hours!

    Having said all that it’s a great circuit, great atmosphere and thoroughly cracking weekend. And that was even with the backend of Hurricane Patricia!

    Hope that helps a little but if I can answer anything else then just ask away.


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