Going to the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas

Prohibited and permitted items to be taken into the circuit

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    Daniel Bengs

    so who makes a prosumer vid camera with a cheapo phone built-in?

    That would be Nokia. Have a look at the Nokia 808 PureView, it’s an outstanding camera/video camera for a phone. It has a larger sensor than many normal pocket cameras.


    The laundry list of prohibited items is pretty standard for big events like live sports and outdoor concerts in the US. The bag check is usually pretty cursory, anything smaller than a bottle of vodka will get through.


    In many American states (including Texas) carrying a concealed firearm is legal with the proper permit. Are they saying that this is not permitted? I know that this is a big deal in some areas of the US


    I’d hope that handguns, concealed or not, would fall under “weapons of any kind”, but this is texas, so who knows.


    I’m not from Texas, but the way it works over in my corner of the USA is that with the appropriate permit carrying a concealed firearm is legal on most public property. Some areas (i.e. Courtrooms, Hospitals, etc.) are not covered. On private property which is most likely what the track is, the ability to do so is entirely up to the property owner. So while the track could allow it they can also disallow it which is what they appear to be doing.


    Firearm warnings are pretty standard fare in Texas:


    Also, in the US it is exceedingly rare that a venue will allow guests to bring in food and drink. Of course it would be nice to NOT spend 8 dollars per beer, but that’s just life. Sort of like how it’s always hard to get a really cold drink in Europe. You get used to it.

    Looking forward to seeing ya’all in the Long Horn State!! YEEE HAAWWW!!!!!


    really? most if not all shops have a chiller for drinks


    @matthew – apologies for side tracking the conversation, and I certainly mean no disrespect as I’m a bit of an Anglophile myself, but I have noticed during my trips to the UK that most drinks are served at a slightly warmer temperature than stateside. I asked about this and one hypothesis is that the higher cost of power makes it prohibitive for store owners to really chill their drinks or have excess ice at the ready. Of course it could also be that the Brits understand more about power conservation and sustainability. Something we could stand to pay more attention to over here. At any rate – back to the racing.

    I was fortunate to be at Monza for Vettel’s first win in 2008 and although I’m a massive Ferrari fan, if Seb is going to win it this year it would be awesome to see it first hand. Hoping they put on a good show!!


    Regarding overpriced food and drinks at the circuit, I’m pretty sure that they won’t have the time to go dig through each and every bag at the circuit gates. If anything, they’ll be on the lookout for weapons and other dangerous items – if you stash food/drinks at the bottom of a bag and then pile on magazines/raincoats/caps/cameras/other bulky stuff, I don’t think they’d bother forcing you to remove the offending food.

    It’s worked for me at Sepang and Singapore and I’m planning to do the same in Austin.

    Jason Sciaroni

    don’t be so sure, codesurge

    They check every bag (usually only cursory) at NASCAR events and every other US sporting event I have ever attended.

    What I don’t get is why no drinks are allowed. Even at a NASCAR event you can bring a cooler full of beer as long as it is aluminum cans and in their prescribed size of cooler.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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