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2013 GP2 Series round 7: Hungaroring, Mogyorod, Budapest

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    Round 7 of the GP2 series takes place at the Hungaroring as a support event for the Eni Hungarian Grand Prix. Two days before qualifying, Trident has replaced young Italian Kevin Ceccon with seasoned veteran Ricardo Teixeira, a move bound to raise eyebrows.


    Interesting to note James Calado recently said the cause of his problem earlier this season was a dent in the chassis they hadn’t noticed which was incurred in a crash earlier in the season. They sorted it out and now he’s had three podiums in a row.


    @keithcollantine That’s interesting, I admit I did suspect you have a link to the Calado article?


    More potentially shocking news as Robin Frijns has been replaced by Adrian Quaife-Hobbs for this round at least. No news as to who will fill the vacant MP seat to replace the Briton..



    “Dus dit was het dan. Geen geld, geen stoeltje! Het winnen van kampioenschappen is tegenwoordig niet voldoende!”

    Freely translated: “So much for that. No money, no seat! Winning championships isn’t enough these days!”

    To be fair, he was fast so far, but he did have an awful amount of DNFs so far. I think it’s more than just sponsorship, Frijns was probably costing them money with the DNFs..


    @npf1 is right, to add to that, Frijns was overaggressive at Germany Race 1. And his results apart from the Spain round weren’t that good.


    I’m sure this is everything to do with money and nothing to do with his driving record. It’s a sad day for motorsport when a driver who’s won championships in his last two seasons can’t stay on the ladder towards F1 because everyone is so desperate for cash.


    I can’t express how angry I am with this. Things have fallen to bits this last few weeks: no seat anywhere, as required by the Sauber team. And with Sirotkin likely to drive for Sauber next year, this may be the end of the line for Frijns. I hope it will work out eventually, but at the moment things are not looking bright at all for Dutchmen in F1.

    Texeira in, Frijns out. Pretty much sums up GP2, doesn’t it?

    R.J. O’Connell

    Why he didn’t have a major sponsor to begin with is beyond me.


    I wonder how many exciting drivers we’re losing because of money. Here at Uruguay we are all excited about Santiago Urrutia, currently third at the F3 Open series. He’s sponsored by Ancap (Uruguay’s equivalent to PDVSA) and a bunch of local companies but that won’t do. I try to stay realistic, after all, when was the last time a driver entered F1 because of his talent? I have to go waay back, when Button and Raikkonen started. Also Montoya or maybe Pantano. But now like Niki Lauda said, a monkey could drive these cars (provided that it’s a well sponsored monkey)


    Let´s call this the Red Bull Young Driver curse? Frijns was with a chance to be sponsored by Red Bull and he turnned it down. If he have take it he would be with a chance to be in F1 next year, instead he is with out a drive.


    I really support Frijns, but all these tweets annoy me. Welcome to the real world. Stop with all these tweets filled with self-pity and get your act together.



    when was the last time a driver entered F1 because of his talent? I have to go way back, when Button and Raikkonen started.

    It’s totally unreasonable to pretend that just because a driver attracts backing – financial or otherwise – they haven’t got into the sport on merit. Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, Hulkenberg, Bianchi, Bottas and many others all got there on merit.


    More disappointed drivers:


    According to Lazarus’ spanish Twitter profile and another Spanish website, Crestani will be replaced by Ghirelli.

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