Formula Two

2013 GP2 Series round 7: Hungaroring, Mogyorod, Budapest

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    Tom Dillmann secures his first GP2 feature pole position, leading a RUSSIAN TIME 1-2 ahead of Sam Bird. Behind them were Fabio Leimer, Felipe Nasr, Marcus Ericsson, Sephane Richelmi, Jolyon Palmer, Rio Haryanto, Alexander Rossi and Daniel de Jong completing the top 10.

    Oli Peacock

    Where was Colletti?


    Coletti down in 18th… I hope Nasr can capitalize on this.


    A shame Frijns is not driving this weekend. His season so far has been a bit up and down, but he was very fast here in FR3.5 last year (two poles), and his replacement Quaife-Hobbs is 22nd, 12 places behind his former team mate De Jong.


    Race 1 Classification:
    1. Jolyon Palmer (Carlin)
    2. Marcus Ericsson (DAMS)
    3. Felipe Nasr (Carlin)
    4. Fabio Leimer (Racing Engineering)
    5. Stephane Richelmi (DAMS)
    6. Simon Trummer (Rapax)
    7. Mitch Evans (Arden)
    8. Nathanael Berthon (Trident)
    9. James Calado (ART)
    10. Sam Bird (RUSSIAN TIME)

    R.J. O’Connell

    Palmer wins going away, Ericsson holds off Nasr for 2nd in the closing laps. Leimer, Richelmi, Trummer, Evans, Berthon, Calado, Bird round out the T10.

    Coletti 16th, was mired by an early collision. Dillmann sunk from pole to 20th – had a late race collision with GP2’s hottest heel, “Rowdy” Johnny Cecotto (22nd).


    Sweet race, incredible battle for the lead and later on second place! Wonderful stuff, and a good result for the championship too with Coletti not scoring points.


    what’s the deal with cecotto? is he some sort of mentally disabled?


    When I saw Sergio Crashamasas minus a rear wing on the first lap I can’t say I was surprised, what is it with him and Cecotto being drawn into these accidents?


    Just saw the races now, but man, will Canamasas and Cecotto have a incident free weekend sometime soon? A dodgy move by Rossi as well.

    With Coletti not scoring points, the championship looks like it could go down the wire, but Nasr needs to maximize more. This weekend’s winners deserved to win, but Nasr can’t have that happening too often.

    On the topic of Frijns, the Dutch broadcast of GP2 (which is barely watchable because of the poor commentary, even though it’s recorded after the races) had an interview with him, instead of only talking to Daniel ‘castrato’ de Jong. Frijns said the reason he was dropped by Hilmer was purely a monetary decision and the team owners couldn’t afford to have him drive for free anymore. He also said “I’m looking for sponsors but can’t find any” again and said he isn’t focusing on 2014 yet, even that “it’s no use if some people don’t live up to their end of a deal”. He also used the phrase “we’ll see” an awful lot. Even though the interviewer could be a regular for F1 sessions when asking “why not try MP Motorsport, as they’re Dutch?” answered with a fatalistic “They already have Dani Clos.”

    If anything, this tells me yet again Frijns has some serious hubris, even though he’s very talented, but he is also very fatalistic and unwilling to take some of the blame. Again, he needs a kick in the butt, from my perspective..


    Τοday after I saw the non-scores of the GP2 and GP3 leaders, I really had the impression that it would affect Vettel.



    Daniel ‘castrato’ de Jong

    What does that mean?


    @wsrgo – Guessing that he cuts across other drivers.


    @wsrgo The Dutch broadcasts keep interviewing him, but he has a very high and insecure voice, it reminds me of a pre-teen. Seeing as he passed puberty, his high voice could be explained due to being a castrato.

    Next to his poor performances off track, his interviews aren’t really amazing either, but he is also somewhat belittled by the host/commentator. A segment of yesterday’s ‘inside MP Motorsport’ episode had the host saying ‘There you are, at your table, with a computer.’ in a children’s television manner. I think that’s influencing my view of Daniel de Jong off-track.


    […] the Dutch broadcast of GP2 (which is barely watchable because of the poor commentary, even though it’s recorded after the races) […]

    True: half of the time Kalff has no idea what he’s talking about, misses a lot of the action… I seriously think even I could do a better job. Also his clear bias towards MP Motorsport and the negativity towards Canamasas and Cecotto are things I find highly inappropriate.

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