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2013 GP2 Series round 8: Spa-Francorchamps

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    So, the big news ahead of this weekend is that Robin Frijns is back in the car, at Jon Lancaster’s cost. Two races again this weekend, practice will start in about two hours.


    Let’s see if Coletti can run at the front here. His last races are not the best.


    Bird takes pole position for the feature race, from Leimer and Calado. Nasr is down in tenth and Coletti is only 20th!

    R.J. O’Connell

    Huge, huge break for Bird in the championship battle. And what about Rossi in 5th, that’s the best qualifying result I’ve seen from him in a little while!

    Keith Collantine

    Frijns reckons he should be higher on the grid:

    Here’s the grid after penalties:

    1. Sam Bird – 1’56.957
    2. Fabio Leimer – 1’57.156
    3. James Calado – 1’57.404
    4. Marcus Ericsson – 1’57.538
    5. Alexander Rossi – 1’57.578
    6. Nathaneal Berthon – 1’57.588
    7. Jolyon Palmer – 1’57.691
    8. Stephane Richelmi – 1’57.802
    9. Felipe Nasr – 1’57.839
    10. Robin Frijns – 1’57.881
    11. Julian Leal – 1’57.924
    12. Tom Dillmann – 1’57.950
    13. Mitchell Evans – 1’58.271
    14. Simon Trummer – 1’58.384
    15. Daniel Clos – 1’58.385
    16. Johnny Cecotto Jnr – 1’58.419
    17. Rio Haryanto – 1’58.463
    18. Adrian Quaife-Hobbs – 1’58.534
    19. Sergio Canamasas – 1’57.804
    20. Stefano Coletti – 1’58.618
    21. Daniel de Jong – 1’58.789
    22. Rene Binder – 1’58.803
    23. Vittorio Ghirelli – 1’58.831
    24. Daniel Abt – 1’59.022
    25. Jake Rosenzweig – 1’59.253
    26. Ricardo Teixeira – 2’17.528

    Bradley Downton

    Bird needs a solid win and podium in the sprint race to bring himself back into contention. Calado stands a good chance of catching up slightly as well. I expect Nasr to pull back and possibly be on the podium though, he always managed something.


    Looking at the weather reports for today and tomorrow morning, I (or rather accuweather) expect the GP2 races to be wet. Here’s hoping for 2 safe races..

    R.J. O’Connell

    1st: Bird
    2nd: Ericsson
    3rd: Rossi
    4th: Leimer
    5th: Dillmann
    6th: Leal
    7th: Richelmi
    8th: Calado
    9th: Frijns
    10th: Quaife-Hobbs
    13th: Coletti
    DNF: Nasr, Palmer


    In the championship it now looks like this:

    Coletti – 135
    Nasr – 129
    Leimer – 122
    Bird – 121

    Seven rounds still to go, this is shaping up nicely! :)


    great drive from the top 3! and it’s good to see the champoinship get more and more intresting with coletti not scoring any points once again!


    Coletti has to be losing some sleep in the past few weeks..

    Keith Collantine

    Heavy crash for De Jong at Eau Rouge:


    Nasty crash. I think this should act as a reminder about how dangerous motor sport can be. Especially Eau Rouge.

    R.J. O’Connell

    This should also act as a reminder that even with the asphalt runoff there instead of gravel, Eau Rouge is still a dangerous corner if you mess it all up.

    Iestyn Davies

    Looks like Coletti’s season started going downhill when Leimer punted him off at Silverstone, causing a double blank weekend. At that point it looked like he had it wrapped up, as a drop off of pace was unimaginable. Trevor Carlin has said Nasr needs to be more aggressive – but why? With a solid points scoring finish here he would lead the championship. Consistency counts a lot in GP2. So with Nasr now having dropped scores it really looks close. Calado was lucky to get back to 8th after a botched pit stop – he really needs to win tomorrow to be getting back near the hunt. He’s had enough bad luck this season as is – two 9th place feature race finishes – could be a whole lot more points in the bag with 2 8th/poles instead. Looks like the break has helped Rossi catch back up again after going over what he missed in the first half of the season (i.e. pre-season).

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