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ART become Lotus GP in GP2 and GP3

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    ART, who had Lotus as a title sponsor last year, say they will compete as Lotus GP in GP2 and GP3 this year:!/ARTGP/status/156758726794153984

    There’s a press release on their website but I don’t think you can link directly to it:

    They will also race in the same black and gold as the F1 team, which will be a lot less confusing.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    To be fair, Caterham were the ones who went and made it needlessly confusing last year. ART started the season with the yellow and green livery, and Caterham began with white and red. Then they went and changed it to green and yellow to reflect their relationship with The Team Formerly Known As Lotus. I don’t really know why that couldn’t wait until 2012.


    To be fair to Caterham, Group Lotus sponsored Renault F1 under a JPS-style livery (gold and black) but sponsored ART (and KV Racing in IndyCar) in Team Lotus’ green and yellow. The naming war had already started and I felt Group Lotus was “stealing” Lotus’ livery to challenge them. But as Caterham had started the season in an AirAsia livery, they worsened the situation by using “their” livery. I saw it like ART copied Lotus’ livery before they actually had it.
    Now, with the dispute settled, I believe the agreement included a part regarding liveries – Caterham yellow & green, Lotus black & gold.

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