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GP2 Britain 2012

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    Visoiu yes, he was immense on a drying track this morning. If he keeps this up, not a bad bet for the youngest ever F1 driver.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    And they say Romanians can’t drive.


    So much hate for Esteban on Twitter, but seriously, he was pushed wide and rejoined safely… There was room, but he lost control. It wasn’t as if he did anything dangerous, was it? There was no aggressive moves or swipes, he made a mistake and unfortunately took out another driver. I’m not sure what happened afterwards but I hope he doesn’t get a penalty.


    Both Lotus drivers get ten-place grid drops:

    I think Gutierrez has got off lightly there. He clearly rejoined the track in an unsafe fashion and, in doing so, took out another car and benefitted from having done so. Given that I’m surprised their let him keep fourth.


    I’m actually not sure about Gutierrez’ penalty, seems harsh to me. I don’t think he rejoined the track in a particularly unsafe manner, and had he not lost control he would have got away with it. Equally, had Checotto not been there he would have gotten away with it as well. Harsh on Checotto who drove a good race, but that’s racing.


    Doesn’t seem very consistent – surely Gutierrez would’ve got a drive-through or stop-go if he’d done that to Cecotto earlier in the race, and therefore a time penalty for knocking him off on the last lap. I thought they applied penalties to classified results first, and only carried them forward if the driver wasn’t classified.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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