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2012 GP2 Belgium

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    Rio Haryanto will start Saturday’s GP2 feature race from pole position after setting a best lap of 2’17.535 in the wet qualifying session that followed second practice.

    The Lotus GP pair of James Calado and Esteban Gutierrez line up behind him followed by iSport duo Marcus Ericsson and Jolyon Palmer.

    Championship contender Davide Valsecchi is sixth but that’s 13 places better than points leader Luiz Razia who could only manage 19th. That sounds like a recipe for an exciting race!

    Sergio Canamasas deserves a mention, taking seventh in only his third GP2 qualifying session – and in the rain at Spa. Fabio Leimer, Felipe Nasr and Giedo van der Garde complete the top ten.


    And thus my admiration of James Calado continues its trend of escalation. Mighty impressive guy.

    Good on Haryanto as well, he clearly knows his way around in wet conditions.


    Nasty accident for Nigel Melker, that was a big impact and I’m glad to see he’s ok.

    The restart is going well…

    Aditya Banerjee

    Wow,what a grid!!! Hoping for something interesting from this one…


    Here’s what happened to Melker:

    Live comments underway here as we wait for the restart:

    F1 Fanatic Live: 2012 Belgian Grand Prix practice, qualifying, GP2 and GP3

    Aditya Banerjee

    I hope poor Melkor hasnt suffered any injuries…


    Now Robert Cregan has had a major accident in GP3, this looked worse though. The rear wheel ended up on top of the cockpit.


    What a bad day for Ocean Racing it is with these two accidents. No news on Melker yet


    The news regarding Robert Cregan is that he’s alright, ‘conscious and moving’. Still nothing solid on Nigel Melker.


    as indonesian, i was devastated to saw Rio spoil his chance for winning or at least get a podium today by making that rookie mistake. nevertheless a nice effort from him to put his car back in point scoring position.

    also wishing the best for Nigel Melker, that was one mighty impact.


    Nigel Melker’s conscious and talking in the hospital, according to the quick update at the beginning of this:
    Ted Kravitz’s qualifying notebook – Sky Sports

    Sounds like he’s not in any danger, although I’d be amazed if he was racing tomorrow, and a bit surprised if they let him take part at Monza.


    Will Buxton via Twitter:


    Canamasas has a four-place grid penalty for tomorrow’s sprint race, after he ran Berthon into the wall on the way down to Eau Rouge in today’s race…
    Sergio Canamasas penalised – GP2 Series

    That’ll teach him.

    What does a driver have to do to get a black flag or race ban?!


    Second race in a row where Canamasas did something that was clearly off-limit. I think he’s a very talented driver, but these two incidents are just ridiculous.


    Rookie James Calado just might make this a three-way battle for the championship. He took points off Luiz Razia and Davide Valsecchi in both races at Spa, though he could have done without losing second place to Felipe Nasr coming out of the final corner in the sprint race with rooted tyres.

    He had come under attack from Razia at Kemmel on the first lap and Razia was edged onto the grass, spinning in front of the pack. Razia was fortunate not to get hit – and even more fortunate that he took Davide Valsecchi off with him.

    Josef Kral scored his first win of the season while Esteban Gutierrez further damaged his championship hopes in a needless collision with Julian Leal while trying to take fourth place.

    Marcus Ericsson won the feature race after a lengthy stoppage when the barrier was damaged in Nigel Melker’s crash and the medical helicopter had to take him to hospital. Happily the reports on his condition are encouraging.

    Here are the championship standings. There are two double-headers left and a maximum of 96 points available:

    1. Luiz Razia – 204 (four wins, two seconds)
    2. Davide Valsecchi – 204 (three wins, three seconds)
    3. James Calado – 160
    4. Esteban Gutierrez – 150
    5. Giedo van der Garde – 141
    6. Max Chilton – 124

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