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GP2 highlights 2011

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    Great to see GP2 champion Romain Grosjean get a drive at Renault for next year.

    With that in mind I thought I’d dig out some video highlights of this year’s GP2 championship, starting with a terrific pass by Grosjean in Spain:

    Share more of your favourite moments below.


    Hard luck for Giedo van der Garde as he makes a terrific start only to be taken out by Jules Bianchi:


    A gripping battle for the lead between Bianchi and Christian Vietoris at Silverstone:


    Esteban Gutierrez passes Grosjean for second place at the very last corner in Hungary:

    Gutierrez had started 24th on the grid and race winner Stefano Coletti was 21st.


    Grosjean wins at the Nurburgring after pressuring Bianchi into a mistake. Bianchi holds off Filippi for third:


    Well, I’ll just repost my slightly sarcastic GP2 assesment here:

    I love GP2! So sad I can’t see it live on TV anymore, and the one live race I saw (Monza this year) was a bit of a dud :(


    Wow, Bianchi is a right menace!


    Exactly why he shouldn’t and won’t replace Kobayashi.


    I was disappointed with Bianchi this year. Silverstone aside, he really didn’t have a good season.

    He’s said he’s not returning for another season but what’s his alternative? A year on the sidelines isn’t going to do him any good.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @keithcollantine – With the ban on testing (partially) lifted, he might do what Felipe Massa did at test for Ferrari for a year. When Massa first joined the sport, he usually only made it a few laps before he spun. Ferrari straightened him out pretty quickly. If they can do it to Massa, they can do it to Bianchi.


    Italian Sprint race – Charles Pic crashes into Luca Filippi and retires; he destroys Grosjean’s rear wing, ruining his race. Filippi continues, finishes 5th and with the fastest lap and obtains the GP2 Vice champion title.


    Non-championship: the final laps of the Abu Dhabi sprint race saw many drivers swapping positions, including: Esteban Gutierrez (ART Grand Prix), Kevin Ceccon (Coloni), Stefano Coletti (Coloni), Alexander Rossi (Caterham AirAsia), Luiz Razia (Caterham AirAsia), Dani Clos (Rapax) and Fabio Leimer (Racing Engineering).


    Wow. There’s some terrible driving on display in that Charles Pic video.


    @magnificent-geoffrey I don’t think there’s anything he could have done after he hit filippi, if he’d stopped for starters filippi would have run over his front wheel, then the people behind would have probably run into him as well. The initial contact with Grosjean was pretty bad, but you have to remember it’s a sprint race, they cant afford to back off.


    Nice to see the Bianchi-Vietoris battle again. I remember seeing it at Silverstone, seeing some of it at Luffield, and the rest on the big screen. Reminds me I havent actually sorted my GP2 photos from that weekend yet either!

    Wish I could see more GP2 than Ive managed to see this year. Only been able to watch a couple, other than the Silverstone ones, when I briefly had a Eurosport player subscription.

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