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GP2 Hungary 2012

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    Josef Kral was fastest in the GP2 practice session this morning ahead of Fabio Leimer and James Calado.

    But once again Calado has found himself in trouble:

    Great practice. But yet again another penalty. Two place grid drop for so called not letting a driver past in the last corner. I was pushing

    It’s a joke. I was on the grass letting people past in that session with no intention of doing anything wrong.. An absolute disgrace.


    Max Chilton will start from pole position after pipping Calado by 0.023s with the very last lap of qualifying.

    Calado’s penalty will drop him to fourth place and promote Davide Valsecchi to the front row. Calado will start fourth alongside Jolyon Palmer as four British drivers occupy the top four places.

    Championship leader Luiz Razia will start fifth ahead of Giedo van der Garde and Esteban Gutierrez, meaning the top five in the championship all start in the top seven places.

    The feature race begins after F1 qualifying as usual and we’ll be following it on F1 Fanatic Live.

    Younger Hamii

    Can anyone tell me why Pirelli allocated the GP2 teams S-Softs & Softs whereas the F1 teams have the Soft & Mediums?


    Looks like Calado has now deleted that tweet…


    Calado was probably right to complain, though. I didn’t see what happened, but a grid penalty for impeding in practice?? And especially in the final corner, when he’s about to start a quick lap himself and is, in my opinion, entitled to his track position by that point.


    @keithcollantine I hope he doesn’t follow Maldonado’s example on track too!


    Great feature race as I watched it from the stands. The Lazarus car holding up the top five made it a bit more exciting, but in the end a well deserved victory for Max Chilton (a bit overdue I think). Hilarious moment when my fellow Dutchmen De Jong and Melker crashed into eachother!


    Yep a good win for Chilton in the feature race, especially after the pressure from Valsecchi at the end. I thought Valsecchi drove a canny race, especially with how he preserved his tyres.

    The Lotus drivers didn’t score too well again so this increasingly looks like it’s just between Valsecchi and Razia for the championship. Razia was unlucky not to get past Valsecchi at one point – he was down the inside of him going into turn two at one point, only they caught Chilton who was being held up behind Leal.


    Esteban’s luck is seriously incredible this year.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Watching sprint race now. Nathan Berthon putting in an excellent drive, just under two seconds behind Gutierrez. He had the advantage of grid position after the feature race, just as he did at Barcelona, but he’s held onto second place very well. Like Nigel Melker, Berthon is another driver who I think could go a long way with a little bit of polish.


    Berthon does have quite a bit more experience at a higher level than Nigel. 2 WSR seasons.


    Pretty straightforward win for Gutierrez in the sprint race. Razia and Valsecchi picked off the stragglers for third and fourth behind Berthon – Valsecchi’s pass on van der Garde was especially gutsy.

    Nasr had a superb run to eighth with several good passes and Calado recovered to sixth following a second poor start this weekend, he said he had a problem with his clutch.

    There were a couple of daft and desperate moves though – Cecotto punted Onidi into a spin at turn five, but that paled in comparison to Canamasas shunting Trummer into the barriers at the exit of turn 14 as they took the chequered flag.


    Too bad for Van der Garde: very weird that he opted for the softer tyres, and in the end he paid the price for it. I haven’t read up on this, but Lotus seemingly starts every sprint race from pole. Still great job from Gutierrez and also well done Berthon!


    @andae23, I’m not sure about GP2 tyre allocation (too lazy to look it up – shame on me!), but I think Van der Garde didn’t have any primes left. In the feature race he ran prime – prime (changing only the rears), so he only had raced rear primes left.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really dislike this reversed-grid rule they have. On Saturday, Gutierrez lucks into an eighth place after a poor race (well, a poor second stint anyway), and he is awarded with the chance to win a race. I’m surprised people in P6 or P7 don’t start pulling over in order to get pole for Sunday, especially at tracks like Monte Carlo or Hungaroring. For the points total, there is not much difference, and adding a win to your tally is much more important than finishing sixth (e.g. on Autosport “Esteban Gutierrez sealed his third GP2 win of the season”).

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