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    Gianmarco Raimondo to take Sergio Campana’s place at Trident:

    Trident Racing is ready to be back on-track for the tenthround of the 2013 GP2 Series and the Italian-based squad will be featuring a new driver at the spectacular Marina Bay circuit. Team’s regular Nathanael Berthon will be joined by rookie Gianmarco Raimondo.

    He was European F3 Open runner-up last year but doesn’t seem to have been doing much racing since.


    Interesting. Do we know Hilmer’s drivers? They change them every weekend.


    Let’s see what a guy who beat Facu Regalia last year is capable of…


    Big announcement:
    Off-topic of course, but it now looks very likely for F1 to renew its contract with Pirelli too.

    EDIT: see here for more info


    @pezlo2013 There’s no official statement yet, but it’s pretty much a done deal I reckon.


    I haven’t seen anything on Robin Frijns’ twitter, so I’d imagine Hilmer is running Lancaster/Quaife-Hobbs this weekend.

    Edit: Lancaster is driving;


    Another no-score for Coletti, while Palmer wins from Nasr and Calado.

    1. J. Palmer Carlin 57:14.130
    2. F. Nasr Carlin +13.095
    3. J. Calado Lotus +25.126
    4. S. Richelmi DAMS +25.713
    5. F. Leimer Racing Engin. +28.296
    6. T. Dillmann Russian Time +38.577
    7. M. Ericsson DAMS +45.448
    8. S. Bird Russian Time +45.685
    9. J. Lancaster Hilmer +51.981
    10. D. Clos MP Motorsport +56.90

    Which means the following for the championship:

    1. Fabio Leimer Racing Engin. 169
    2. Sam Bird Russian Time 157
    3. Felipe Nasr Carlin 148
    4. Stefano Coletti Rapax 135
    5. James Calado Lotus 134

    Coletti ought to be a bit worried; he hasn’t scored in ages and is being jumped by Calado in the standings.


    I wasn’t much impressed with Nasr’s race.


    Today, Nasr lost his chance to fight for the championship, would have to win in Abu Dhabi and wait bad races for Leimer and Bird. Excellent position tomorrow for Bird, almost in the last lap, overtook Clos and got the P8, position to be alive in the battle for the championship. If Bird wins the sprint race and Leimer doesn’t get a podium, we will have the final battle in Abu Dhabi where I guess that Bird will take with the pole position…

    Bradley Downton

    Bird must win today.

    I fully believe he deserves a shot in F1. His actual racing is some of the best I’ve ever seen, however his only team link is with Mercedes, and they’re full.

    I think for him to have any chance in F1 at all he needs to win this Championship, if he does, he could be in for a potential Williams drive. What with Williams moving to Mercedes engines, the German manufacturer may want to see if they can get their third man into a car and use the engine deal to do so.

    I hope so, he deserves a season at least, more so than Chilton..

    Bradley Downton

    Great start from Bird, shame Leimer’s into third. Coletti’s just taken himself out of it completely, stupid move.

    Bradley Downton

    So, that has to mean the Championship is now between Leimer and Bird, unfortunately for Sam, Fabio is in third, and has fastest lap.


    Abt has been disqualified for failing to serve his drive-through for ignoring yellow flags. That’s a huge shame, he was unlucky yesterday not to score points after a great race, and today he was up to P7 and would have likely gone further up. Abt hasn’t scored a point since the Spanish sprint race and today could have been his best result of the season.
    Likely it was only a matter of tenths, or hundredths, that cost him so much. Gutted.

    Bradley Downton

    Indeed, real shame for Abt, on another note, this is turning into a great race! Cars overtaking left, right and centre!

    Bradley Downton

    Well done Sam, not sure who got fastest lap so discounting that, Leimer leads Bird by 7 points.

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