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    Hello guys, now you’ve known the recently big news that Prema will take Lazarus’ entry for next season. So let’s think about who will make a move next year.

    ART: Vandoorne will be promoted to McLaren res., Nobu may be RETAINED, Kirchhofer may be promoted.
    Carlin: cannot answer about Stoneman as his main series is FR3.5, another seat can be Dillmann/Gelael
    Status: Richie may be RETAINED, Stockinger should be in FR3.5 but should a seat go to Vaxiviere? Also Albon can be promoted.
    Trident: Lello may be RETAINED, Ghiotto will be promoted
    Russian Time: Evans both may be RETAINED or may focus on GT, Markelov may be RETAINED
    Racing Engineering: difficult to guess, RETAINED or completely CHANGED
    Arden: TOUGH CHOICES: Nato, Negrao, Bernstoff, Ceccon are good enough for series
    Rapax: As Sirotkin doesn’t have any chances for F1, he should be RETAINED, I’m not sure that Visoiu will stay as they may pick other ITA like Ceccon or Lello.
    Campos: RETAINED if Rio hasn’t been promoted.
    MP: first they have to wait De Jong recovering, but lot of choices available for them perhaps
    Hilmer: first hope that will they compete full-season???
    Prema: exactly Rosenqvist, I pick Jake Dennis for another seat.

    Have your say here, I hope some of my prediction may be corrected at least.


    Prema have ties to Mercedes and Ferrari, having run Fuoco and Ocon recently. Marciello won’t graduate at Sauber and there are better prospects for Haas to pick, so my guess is he’ll be remaining. A move from Trident to Prema? Perhaps he could be joined by Antonio Fuoco himself: he’s driving in GP3 already, but his team Carlin won’t continue next year.
    Hilmer? Sad to say this but if they can’t keep going with Force India backing I guess that will be pulled next year and we will have seen the best of them. MP should finally drop de Jong if they hope to make a step forward, Rowland has already shown them how it’s done but he will have better options. Campos could and should keep Pic and Haryanto, Rapax will likely drop Visoiu, Arden is underperforming as badly as ever so either driver could get the boot but I guess Nato and Bernstorff will be their line-up. Racing Engineering will probably keep King, Rossi could graduate and be replaced by …? Trident would lose both Marciello and Cecotto, and should promote Ghiotto. Carlin have lost Leal and Sorensen, Stoneman would be a good pick indeed and Mardenborough looks to be the next in line. ART’s McLaren ties mean they will likely not promote Ocon, who could remain in GP3 or move to DAMS, and promote Kirchhofer in place of Vandoorne, with Matsushita the best option for Honda’s part. Status should keep Stanaway, and Stockinger if he helps pay for the Kiwi’s seat. Russian Time could keep Markelov but either Evans will want to try to do “a Leimer” or he will leave.

    Cory Evans

    I’d fancy Rosenqvist for a seat at Prema, Ghiotto at Trident, and Stonemane surely has to be there somewhere? Shame his qualifying went a bit wrong today.


    @holmqvist you’re right about Stoneman
    @fixy your comment is interesting, but I notice a lot of move.
    Lello can move to Prema, to make a strong line-up. But for Fuoco, his crash-strewn GP3 this season didn’t catch my eyes and he may have to stay there, maybe with DAMS
    If I can put Rowland to somewhere, I will bring him to Carlin.
    Mardenborough should focus his Nissan WEC drive
    Ocon may replace Wehrlein in DTM


    This is a fun topic

    At ART, Matsushita has done well and will remain there, Kirchoffer and George Russell in contention for second seat
    At DAMS, likely to be retained maybe De Vries may come in for Gasly if he joins Renault
    At Racing Engineering, King was underwhelming but will stay. Rossi could join F1 so my favourite to replace him would be Vaxivere or possibly Stroll
    For Campos- should be retained, but if Haryanto leaves I could even see Merhi in for him
    At Carlin, Leal will leave for IndyCar and Dilmmann will come in. Sean Gelael looks underwhelming so I would put in Stoneman
    Rapax will retain Sirotkin. Visou will go and Mitchell Evans or Nick Yelloly will switch teams to Rapax
    RUSSIAN TIME- Markelov will stay, Evans will go, and incoming with be Egor Orudzhev who is a talent
    At Trident, Ghiotto will be promoted from GP3 alongside Gust Maljia who impressed last year
    MP Motorsport- Rowland should stay, De Jong will surely go and the new driver will be Lafiti who did well last year
    Arden will ditch Negrao and bring in Cypriot Tio Elinas to replace him with Nato staying in
    Status will retain Stanaway but get Jafaar as there second driver
    And finally Prema will make a big statement with bringing in Ocon and F3 winner Rosenqvist


    Evans has confirmed he will be testing for Porsche in the WEC. A move away from GP2 is more and more likely.


    @lolzerbob thx for your praise, but Russell should be in Carlin FR3.5 or ART GP3.
    If Nyck will promote he should be in ART-McLaren (though they have Kirchhofer)
    Vaxiviere is Gravity junior, so I said he may go yo Status
    Yelloly to Rapax is good idea but does he prefer FR3.5?
    Orudzhev replaces Evans at RT is very likely possible
    Ellinas is good enough for GP2, Arden is good choice although he drove for MP earlier.
    Jaafar to GP2? Not likely as Petronas Mercedes doesn’t have any tie there.
    And for RE, how about King and Fuoco?

    @Fixy I just read that news and Orudzhev is a possible alternative as Kavin said


    I don’t think FR 3.5 will be run next year so the talent pool is bigger


    @lolzerbob there will be, but only Renault isn’t a promoter, also DAMS moves from FR3.5 to GP3 as you’ve already known


    Can a driver who has completed a full season in F1 be able to race in gp2

    So if Red Bull pull out, can Sainz and Verstappen race for GP2 teams

    Ilham Shaq

    sorry to ask here but apart from Vandoorne and Rossi who already had his superlicense is there any other driver who already eligible for next year f1 drive?

    just curious ;)

    Ilham Shaq

    How about Haryanto? I think he already had his superlicense back in 2012.

    And theoretically speaking, if Rossi doesnt drive for Manor in 5 races, and not finishing in the top 2 GP2 drivers, will he still be able to race in F1 next year?

    I mean, things like this could adds up to the driver market both in F1 and GP2, right? Haryanto’s been said linked with 3 teams according to the local news report, and Rossi is been around the paddock so long.


    @hahailham1 2 possible ways for Rio
    – promoted to some F1 team as test driver
    – stay with Campos

    I have calculated his point before this season, he doesn’t have any pts at all. (15 in 2014, 19 in 2013) So if he wants to compete in F1, he needs to take 2nd of GP2 standing from Rossi only.

    For Rossi, actually he has 3 pts (9th with Caterham in 2013). So he needs to finish 2nd in the standing too.

    Ilham Shaq

    @billyos so both of their superlicense will void next year?

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