GP3 2013

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    Felipe Bomeny

    The first day of testing concluded with the series sophomores on top, headed by Ceccon (MW Arden). The best rookie was Melville McKee, who finished fifth.

    For tomorrow, Lichtenstein will not participate and will be replaced by Jack Harvey. In turn, Harvey’s vacant Lotus ART seat will be occupied by GP3 veteran Vittorio Ghirelli. Ghirelli was tested for Draco at the FR3.5 tests and raced in GP3 with Atech, Jenzer, and Addax.

    Gabriel Fernando

    @Portugoose Yeah ,and Nicolas Costa was the best rookie in the second day.

    Felipe Bomeny

    For the Estoril tests, Trident will evaluate Italian F3 racer Mario Marasca and former Italian Formula Renault driver Emanuele Piva.

    IMO de Beer-Zonzini was a far better pairing than Marasca-Piva.

    Felipe Bomeny

    @gabrielfernando Costa was definitely overhyped last year in Formula Abarth but 2012 was really successful considering Ghiotto and Bonifacio are some of the quickest talents in junior open-wheel. Nicolas Costa has the potential to become an F1 driver and I think it’s intelligent that he’s allying himself with an F1 team (Marussia) having been dropped by Ferrari’s junior scheme. I think McKee-Costa will be an interesting battle next year if both commit to GP3.

    Gabriel Fernando

    @portugoose But Costa doesn’t have sponsors, unfortunatelly.

    Felipe Bomeny

    Here’s the Estoril line-up. The big name is Daniil Kvyat. There’s also some movement: Zonzini switched from Trident to Lotus; Visoiu ran for MW Arden after sampling the Lotus; Venturini also left Lotus, this time for Status. Sheban Siddiqi is driving for Lotus, having driven for the Lotus-Motopark team in German F3 and ADAC Formel Masters. He is easily the worst driver in the field.

    Lotus GP
    1. Sheban Siddiqi
    2. Alex Brundle
    3. Emanuele Zonzini

    MW Arden
    4. Robert Visoiu
    5. David Fumanelli
    6. Daniil Kyvat

    Marussia Manor Racing
    7. Adderly Fong
    8. Patryk Szczerbinski
    9. Tio Ellinas

    Status Grand Prix
    14. Miki Weckstrom
    15. Ryan Cullen
    16. Giovanni Venturini

    Jenzer Motorsport
    20. Samin Gomez
    21. –
    22. Alex Fontana

    Trident Racing
    23. Emanuele Piva
    25. Mario Marasca

    26. Eric Lichtenstein
    27. –
    28. Jack Harvey

    Atech CRS GP
    29. Lewis Williamson
    30. Roberto La Rocca
    31. Meindert Van Buuren

    Felipe Bomeny

    Fantastic new for the series- Red Bull duo Carlos Sainz Jr. and Daniil Kvyat will race for MW Arden in GP3 2013, according to
    ( )

    Looks like there’s already a fierce title battle ahead of the season!


    I hoped Sainz would have driven for Lotus :( I know he is a strong driver and Lotus is my first team, he’d have been a nice replacement for Abt.


    I’ve seen that source before but it’s not official yet.

    Felipe Bomeny

    The third Arden driver will probably be Fumanelli. Now Lotus ART will have to muster a strong line-up to fight the Ardens and the Marussia of Tio Ellinas, who will definitely be a title contender. Lotus ART have plenty of attractive options for their line-up next year. Patric Niederhauser, Robert Visoiu, Giovanni Venturini, and Kevin Ceccon all have GP3 experience and could form an impressive line-up. The team could also select rookies from F3 and FR2.0, including Jimmy Eriksson, Óscar Tunjo, and Jake Dennis.

    This is also raises question marks over Koiranen’s line up as many expected them to field Kvyat. I’m expecting a mostly Nordic line up for the team. Weckström, Villemi, and Ocon, perhaps?

    Ryan Williams

    British F3 champion Jack Harvey has joined Lotus GP for 2013


    @portugoose Hadn’t seen that about Sainz and Kvyat – that’ll be fun! Kvyat looked pretty quick in Eurocup this year, needs a bit of polish though. Some silly incidents especially the one with Harvey in Hungary.

    Ryan Williams

    “A number” of driver announcements tomorrow


    I’m hoping thats at least 3 or 4 drivers then for tomorrow.
    Would be nice of course but it’s been a while since anyone else had been announced.

    Ryan Williams

    The 2 announcements “coming soon” I expect will be Carlin filling their two remaining seats, having already confirmed Eric Lichtenstein in November

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