GP3 2015 Drivers and Teams

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    As I didn’t see any discussion about this season grid here, so I create this topic. I’ve read about the prediction from Autosport forum and check the market from PaddockScout. Now we only have 3 drivers confirmed; Antonio Fuoco (Carlin), Alfonso Celis (ART) & Luca Ghiotto (Trident). I can’t see more drivers coming, but I can predict someone. Here is my table. (Prediction denoted with *)
    Carlin: Fuoco, Sa Silva*,
    ART: Celis,
    Status: Yelloly*
    Koiranen: Kujala*
    Jenzer: Tuscher*
    Trident: Ghiotto, Gilbert*, Cullen*
    Campos: Palou*, Urrutia*

    I guess that Mardenborough and Niederhauser will go to WEC/ELMS. Erikson, Stanaway will promote to FR3.5/GP2.

    Opinion is opened

    Iestyn Davies

    Bozak confirmed at Arden, moving up from FR2.0? First Polish driver in the series.

    Most of the top ten should move on if they can.. I just hope that Tuscher and Ghiotto can take it to Fuoco.


    I knew this actually, but i temporary leave it inactive as no one take a look here properly.
    Speaking of Bosak, very strange signing by the big team like Arden.


    Palou is an interesting talent, looking forward to seeing how he gets on.


    Yes, Keith. His performance is better than my Thai hero Stuvik despite his debut season.
    Alex deserves it.


    Now Carlin signs Mitch Gilbert from Trident.


    Lotus Junior Alex Fontana moved from ART to sign with Status


    Today, Trident promoted F3 Open runner-up Artur Janosz


    Ceccon moves to Arden. Interesting signing.


    Le Mans-Bound Yelloly leaves Status for ELMS

    R.J. O’Connell

    I’m getting a bit worried about GP3 this year. If Ocon goes to ART as the rumor mill seems to place him, that’s still only going to leave him, Fuoco, and Palou as the absolute standout talents this season.

    Part of that also has to do with European Formula 3 being so stacked with top talent that they may end up with 12-14 different race winners.

    EDIT: And immediately as I type that, I see confirmation that Matheo Tuscher is coming back with Jenzer. Extremely underrated, young and a quick climber.


    Tuscher will be paired with Ralph Boschung (someone at autosport guess it right)
    Koiranen complete the lineup already with Eriksson, Jenzer-departed Fong and ex-Caterham-supported Matt Parry.
    ART retain Kirchhofer who ‘dovetails’ his season with FIA F3.
    If Ocon chooses ART, I’m not happy at all as he deserves GP2 or FR3.5

    R.J. O’Connell

    Kirchhoefer is a good re-acquisition by GP3. He’ll be busy all year it seems.

    I think Ocon’s already F1-caliber, to be honest, but he’d be wasting his time at a team like Comtec in FR3.5 or Lazarus in GP2 unless they’ve suddenly hired engineers who don’t just leave the car setup at “default”.


    Seb Morris confirmed officially at Status.
    I heard that hes one to watch.

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