GP3 2015 Drivers and Teams

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    My Thai hero Sandy Stuvik completes Status lineup.

    Iestyn Davies

    @billyos Hehe, nice that you will have a driver to cheer for this year :).

    Morris has been coming up for a few years now, usually top 3 in every series he contested.

    Ocon, Kirchhoefer, Fuoco – the GP3 podium just got a lot more full of talent. They might all hold a 2016 super-licence..


    @fastiesty Ocon already completes his license. Fuoco has 13, Kirchhofer 25.
    Also there are veterans like Ceccon Eriksson and Tuscher, with underdogs like Parry Boschung Palou and Ghiotto.
    Title and promotion fight maybe interesting now.

    R.J. O’Connell

    They left it until real late, but the field in GP3 is filling out nicely – good to see Stuvik move up the ladder as well.


    Ocon confirmed at ART. Surely that’s a sideways move at best? Though not in the eyes of the FIA Superlicence points, I guess…


    It’s all bcoz Lotus cut his tie. Otherwise, he maybe put in Status as I guess b4.
    Curiously, why Lotus do stupidly like that?


    Surely that’s a sideways move at best?

    That might have been the case in the past, but not anymore. GP3 cars are now much closer to GP2 in terms of speed, and in terms of tyres and tracks they are almost identical.They also have reverse grid races.

    But yes, it’s definitely a bit of a comedown from his first rumoured move in the off-season (the DAMS seat which ultimately went to Lynn). Still, Ocon v Kirchhofer should be a mothwatering clash for 2015.


    @wsrgo also Fuoco in the fight.
    BTW, who will Carlin put for the last seat? Sa Silva or Bernstoff?


    If Bernstorff doesn’t get the GP2 seat, he should be a contender for the GP3 drive. But Carlin may need a paying option..


    @wsrgo let Bernstoff replaces Jefferies at Hilmer.

    Iestyn Davies

    I guess Ocon just has to ‘pad’ his superlicence now – he has 40 points, but that’s only for the next three years. In no time, he could be in a Robin Frijns position and left without one. This year, he needs to replace the year that drops off, hopefully getting good results in GP3 before moving up to GP2.

    Lotus…. need cash. That’s the only possible reason for Jorda > Ocon. I wonder if Red Bull would take on Ocon, as if Stoneman/Ilott disappoint.. they are only left with Gasly.


    However, no seat for putting Jorda in Top series now.


    Jenzer complete the lineup.
    By retain Varhaug…


    So Lotus cuts Ocon and takes on Jorda and Fong as development drivers… money talks is all I can make of that one.


    Christopher Hoher will make his debut with Campos this weekend in place of Samin Gomez.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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