GP3 2016 car design

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    I find the new GP3 car design for 2016 very much gorgeous, more than the current design, what do you all think?

    GP3-16 car launch, Monza, 2015


    It looks pretty good. The cooling inlets and outlets around the sidepod looks a bit.. messy, but overall a pretty nice car.

    Bradley Downton

    @andae23 – It has gills!

    Honestly, I’m not a fan. The back end looks like it’s been compressed and just a bit off to me, but if it improves the racing in GP3, I’m not going to complain!


    I can’t help but think the rear wing looks to high for the rest of the car, and the low nose doesn’t really fit either, but it could be a lot worse that’s for sure.

    Iestyn Davies

    If it gives better racing I’ll like it better.. they look OK at the moment, tweaked to give better overtaking (smaller front tyres), after a few dull years with tyre deg taken out, but then brought back with longer races (good move).

    The low nose is probably an effort to ape F1 design, while I hope the sidepod floor section doesn’t give us any scares like Alonso on Kimi in Austria. Overall, it looks ‘racier’, or more like FR3.5, so lets see what happens.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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