Nasty crash for Conor Daly in GP3 at Monaco

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    Another big crash in Monaco today, this time for Conor Daly in the GP3 race:


    Not forgetting the Buller/Brundle/Powell crash at the start that resulted in Buller landing upside down.


    The GP2 pile-up was spectacular, but this was nasty. I’m sorry, continuing without a rear wing, even in GP3, is asking for trouble. You could see the queue behind him and an accident was inevitable. Very pleased to see Conor Daly is OK after that.

    Ed Marques

    The driver has to be suspended. He moved several times. And no rear wing? Did he really think that he could mantain position??


    Fortunately Daly’s OK. He just Tweeted this:

    Hey guys I’m ok. Just feel bad for ART guys. Car was mega and I was having so much fun. But cant help it when other people do stupid stuff.

    Bradley Downton

    Suranovich was well out of order, fair play to him for not spinning into a wall though with no rear downforce


    Well whoever #7 was, that was really bad form of him to continue to race like that with no rear wing.

    And whatever happened to these wheel teathers they made so much fuss about a few years back? Do they still use them? Because they clearly weren’t strong enough in this instance.

    Andy Redden

    That is mental.


    Apparently black and orange flag was waved but went unseen by Will Buxton commentating and I assume anyone else.
    Very lucky Conor Daly and the marshals on that part of the fencing.
    Have to wonder if it would have stopped an F1 or even GP2 car?


    Will Buxton on twitter says that Dmitry Suranovich apparently ‘flipped off’ the chief steward after the race.


    @robk23 I find that hard to believe, but anything’s possible. Apparently Will Buxton has it on good authority though. If true we’ll certainly hear about it before too long.

    Pretty thick to drive around with no rear wing, even before he weaved on Daly coming out of the tunnel. I suspect that he would’ve faced a heavy grid penalty or even a race ban if he ignored a black and orange flag. Flipping off the stewards, not smart.

    Fer no.65

    WOW that’s horrible!!!

    So close to going over the fence and catching those marshalls.

    How stupid from the guy in the damaged car to continue flat out defending like that with no rear wing. People should be careful when driving such a damaged car, specially at a place like Monaco. I guess going round the tunnel with no rear wing must be incredibly hard and dangerous…


    Suranovich has been excluded from the second Monaco race results.


    Spookily, Conor Daly’s father Derek Daly drove a couple of laps of Monaco without a rear wing towards the end of the 1982 F1 race, when he was one of 5 drivers in with a chance of victory in the closing laps (he was not punished due to the different attitudes towards safety in those days).

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hmmm. Suranovich’s idiocy was worse than Maldonado’s. However, I don’t see a chorus demanding that Suranovich be banned from the sport for it.

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