Video: Konstantin Tereshchenko flies in GP3 crash

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    Konstantin Tereshchenko’s first weekend in GP3 got off to a dramatic start at Spa – he was pitched high into the air after spinning at the chicane:

    He was able to climb out of the car afterwards.


    Clearly he was suffering from a severe lack of downforce.


    Easy way to break your back, fortunately Tereshchenko landed sideways.


    @magnificient-geoffrey That. Was Brilliant.

    The FIA will need to double chech those high kerbs now, I know they are meant to stop corner-cutting, but if it happened in GP3, it can happen on any other race this weekend. Maybe they aren’t safe on some corners, when arriving at high speed and spinning. Perhaps the ones in the 1st chicane at Monza could have the same risk?


    Flying lap – you’re doing it wrong!

    Iestyn Davies

    Just like Liuzzi at Monza, it’ll probably take another one of these, or a really bad one (injuries.. pile up on lap 1 etc.) before anyone decides to take some action, sadly.


    “Just twenty years old,” says the Sky woman. 4 years older than Max Verstappen, then…
    Here’s hoping they change the chicane after this. It’s slow, awkward, seemingly designed to generate track-limits arguments and doesn’t belong at Spa.


    For this year’s race asphalt has been laid on the inside of the corner approaching the chicane, and it has been painted with ‘non-slip’ paint.

    Presumably the thinking is that would have given Tereschencko a better chance of controlling the car and preventing it hitting the kerbs and being launched.


    I wonder with all this asphalt being laid around all the tracks, whether Bernie owns a bitumen factory somewhere in Europe, it might explain all this new run off area.

    Bernie, wise up, buy some astro turf factories, think of all the money you can rake in, not only would you get the money for the strip of astro laid initially, but you’ll get another purchase after each weekend of racing as it will need to be replaced. Think of the money… Oh yeah, make the astro turf greasy.

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