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Yet another racing Lotus launched

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    Lotus continue to expand their motor racing programme. They’ve now launched an Evora GX which will compete in Grand Am next year:

    Off the top of my head they’ve now got teams or cars in F1, GP2, GP3, IndyCar, LMP2, Grand Am… any more?

    Oli Peacock

    They also produce karts :O


    don’t forget the faux-1 track day car.

    they might have a chance in grand-am, since the nascar-owned series practices severe performance equalization.


    This is how how should be going racing. Now drop all the name-association rubbish and focus on stuff like this.

    Felipe Bomeny

    They also have their name on Antonin Charouz’s WSR team and they also run the Motopark team in German F3 and ADAC Formel Masters.


    They run a works team in the British GT Championship but I don’t understand why they chose to build a GT4 car where their competing with a field of Ginettas rather than entering the GT3 class with Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Aston Martin, Nissan and Porsche amongst others.


    At least this racing Lotus is actually a Lotus.

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