2013 IndyCar drivers and teams

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    Really disappointed to see Rubens Barrichello has confirmed he won’t be racing in IndyCar next year:

    More updates on IndyCar’s 2013 driver line-up to follow here.


    I’ve spoken to a couple of grand am drivers, and those drivers say that that Rubens will be driving a corvette in dp next year. Don’t know the team, but I know NASCAR was insisting he drives a corvette, not a any other chassis . Kind of sad cause I really liked him in IndyCar


    Sorry, for some reason can’t edit. Rubens has confirmed that he will do V8 next year.

    Still don’t see why he can’t do both, or at least the 24 with some team.


    @Polishboy808 As it says in the link I posted.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I was disappointed to see Barrichello leave Indycar, particularly in light of Williams’ 2012 season. I can’t help but feel that he would have somehow achieved more – much more – than Senna and Maldonado. Maldonado proved that the car was capable of qualifying in the top three (under the right conditions), and so I think that a driver of Barrichello’s ability and maturity could have equalled that with ease. He certainly would have been a better, safer pair of hands than Bruno Senna. I wonder if Senna’s sponsors regret backing the wrong Brazilian?

    I suppose that, at Barrichello’s age – 40 – racing in a domestic series like Stock Car Brasil has its perks. He’d be doing a shorter, less-intense season, which would give him more time to spend at home with his family. And the lack of jet-setting to opposite ends of the earth and back again no doubt takes its toll on the body.


    That’s a real shame, Barrichello generally drove well all year and it would have been great to see him next year. At least he takes Rookie of the Year from the Indianapolis 500 this year, that was great performance from him on his first try.


    I think he’s just tired you know. He mentioned that he wants to return to his native brazil and be with his family + he can do a competitive series as mtorsport is his passion. I miss him from F1 and I’ll miss him from Indy aswell,but I wish him luck and hope he succedes in brazil stoc cars.

    jason tomlinson

    i have to say that barrichello has successfully pulled a david coulthard, overstayed his welcome in single seaters by about 2-3 years and it’s not like he set the indy car series on fire in his one and only season


    Looks like he will make a Grand Am debut, but in a Porsche GT3 instead.

    On a side note, this years 24 looks to be pretty spectacular. 5 current Indycar drivers and over 10 past drivers. Also some other names from F1 will be joining Barrichello, just none as important as him.


    AJ Allmendinger to be announced on Friday?

    A comeback of sorts for the ex-ChampCar driver.


    Well, this is hugely exciting news. He was incredibly quick in open wheel cars previously, and I think he’ll have no problem fitting in at the front this year. As though we didn’t have enough exciting racing in this series, another A class driver really makes this series awesome.


    Penske confirm Allmendinger will race for them at Barber and Indianapolis:

    Here he is testing for them last month:

    AJ Allmendinger on track


    Well this is an interesting one – looks like Justin Wilson’s team mate for some races will be his brother!


    Some promising news – Barrichello could make a return for the Indy 500. But it’s incredibly disappointing to see some miserable TV company is blocking him doing other races:

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