2014 IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama

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    JPM is, from a very personal point of view, a driver who I despise as a person but admire his reckless style. Today he taught F1 a huge lesson, first by saying what we all think of DRS, then demonstrating how to overtake with a very angry car, on a bad surface, without any gimmicks. Hats off.

    It was another hell of a race, IndyCar is beating F1 in almost everything this year. Action, sound and mostly, how close to the fans the series is. Last year there were lots of requests for onboards, and now we have the In-car Theatre. If only FOM and other series were like this…


    Despite the numerous ad breaks, I’m grateful BT Sport kept the coverage running.
    It was entertaining once running and I’m throughly enjoying this Indycar series.
    I know it’s easy to compare Indycar to F1, but how many of the recent incidents in Indycar would be tolerated in F1?
    Hunter-Reay at Longbeach, Power at Longbeach and Bourdais today possibly would pick up F1 style penalty points. But then this is Indycar and I watch it expecting a certain level of action.
    It’s a fine line. Punish too much and drivers never try the pass. I’m not saying Indycar have it right, but no referee in any sport will ever pass a decision that is acceptable to both sides of a decision. So I accept the rules and I enjoy the racing and passing with no DRS.

    One thing I’d like F1 to adopt would be the red and black tyre markings. I personally don’t care if you have super softs \ softs \ medium. All I want to know is which is the softer and potentially quicker tyre. It’s one less thing for me to work out when watching and certainly would help the casual fan.


    Bourdais got a drive-through penalty, for what it’s worth. Probation has a similar effect to “penalty points” (which I don’t think are ideal due to incidents often being unrelated) anyway. Speaking of Seb, he’s been making a lot of unforced errors in Indycar recently, despite his success in tintops.


    I was surprised to learn they were on inters at the start. Some nice in-car shots here.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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