2015 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

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    Let’s enjoy another entertaining IndyCar season :)


    So happy to see IndyCar back and let’s hope it’s a great season. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a TV channel which broadcasts the races so I’m going to have to wait until it’s uploaded to YouTube. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long for that to happen and I don’t see the result! I think it’ll be really interesting to see how the new aero kits fare and whether it has a negative effect on the racing – hopefully not. I have a good feeling about this season though.. it has a lot of right ingredients which should provide lots of drama and excitement.

    Delta Golf Sierra

    Here’s the weather forecast for St. Pete:

    Racecast Weather forecast for St. Pete


    Really looking forward to staying up all night for some of the races this year, can’t wait!
    Pretty much everything is on this week!
    F1 Malaysia GP
    MotoGP Qatar
    V8 Supercars Tasmania
    Cricket World Cup
    Massive weekend of (motor) sport!


    Practice highlights-

    Penske looks mighty with 1-2-3 in the friday session.

    subscribe to the IndyCar Youtube channel for live streaming and full videos.

    Euro Brun

    Wow. Total Penske domination so far. 1-2-3-5 in Practice 3, followed by 1-2-3-4 in qualifying.
    Power is really on it this weekend. New lap record to boot (with the help of the new aero kits).
    Looking forward to the race. Really psyched up for this season. Got tickets for Long Beach next month.

    In other news, Max Chilton’s Indy Lights career lasted four corners before he collided with Felix Serralles and had to retire. His team mate Ed Jones took an untroubled lights to flag victory.


    First half was okay, enjoyed the second half though. Good race. As a JPM fan, I’m happy.


    I was really upset with the TV direction. Cannot believe that they didn’t showed how the time relation between JPM and WP on the last pit stop rounds. It wasn’t until later, when HCN pitted that they seemed to realize that the lead had changed!

    Other than that, yeah, there were too many yellow flags, but it was an enjoyable race. I hope that some teams can catch up with Penske.

    Keith Collantine

    This is going to put some heat on IndyCar to revise its policy on aero kits – a fan sustained a fractured skull when she was hit by flying debris:


    Except it wasn’t an aerokit piece, it was a flat part of Chaves’ rear wheel guard that was struck on a straight and flicked high over the top of the grandstand. Short of having the guys in the midfield avoid car-to-car contact entirely, I’m not sure how else that particular incident would have been prevented. Nobody builds 100ft high debris fences. Moving the crowd away? Never been a problem there before in 11 previous races.


    @jb001 the rear pods have been modified though. The commentators explained in the broadcast that the wings are likely as fragile as they are because they need to be the same weight as the (simpler) Dallara wing. I assume the same applies to the pods, which I noticed have been modified too.


    The in-car video for St. Pete has been posted. This is always my favorite video from each race.

    This type of video is what FOM should be putting on their YouTube channel. I could understand waiting a few days, so that the broadcasters who have bought highlight package rights have a chance to air them, but after that there’s no reason not to post some videos from the last race. I know Canal+ put some in-car videos on their web site last season, but then they started geo-blocking visitors from outside France. I’m assuming FOM forced them to do that.

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