2015 IndyCar aero kits

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    Looks like they’re also testing something akin to the ‘Info Wing’ Force India tried in Abu Dhabi last year, on Coletti’s car:

    Stefano Coletti KV IndyCar NOLA 2015

    See: Force India run fan-friendly ‘Info Wing’ at test


    A few more pictures. Like Hinchcliffe’s new livery a lot:

    Juan Pablo Montoya Penske IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Juan Pablo Montoya, Penske

    Sebastien Bourdais KV IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Sebastien Bourdais, KV

    Stefano Coletti KV IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Stefano Coletti, KV

    James Jakes Schmidt Peterson IndyCar NOLA 2015

    James Jakes, Schmidt Peterson

    James Hinchcliffe Schmidt Peterson IndyCar NOLA 2015

    James Hinchcliffe, Schmidt Peterson

    Helio Castroneves Penske IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Helio Castroneves, Penske

    Gabby Chaves Bryan Herta IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Gabby Chaves, Bryan Herta

    Francesco Dracone Dale Coyne IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Francesco Dracone, Dale Coyne

    Carlos Huertas Dale Coyne IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Carlos Huertas, Dale Coyne

    Luca Filippi Ed Carpenter IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Luca Filippi, Ed Carpenter

    Stefano Coletti KV IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Stefano Coletti, KV

    Will Power Penske IndyCar NOLA 2015

    Will Power, Penske

    Fer no.65



    Not too keen on all the extra winglets, they look odd. Maybe seeing them in moving pictures will help, but so far the front looks especially weird.

    Also, Luca Filippi’s livery looks like a packaging for cheap tea, or something you would see in the 90s on a touring car. Odd livery, but I like it.


    Andretti Autosport have been changing front wing parts as well. Munoz’s car today (courtesy of M. Pruett):


    New 4-element Honda rear wing:


    I’m no aerodynamics expert but it looks very much to me like they’re cramming wings onto every available surface to crank up downforce as much as they can regardless of how much more drag it creates. I mean, just look at the front wing on that Andretti car!

    I’m very interested to see if this is just what they’re doing at this stage in testing, whether the cars are going to race like this, or whether we’ll see them paring back the number of elements they use at some tracks.


    Well I’m no expert either, but the front wing elements redirecting the air around the front wheels have the potential to reduce drag as well. Same reason there are extra pieces around the rear wheels. Honda are generally considered to have the weaker engine (especially at the top end of the power band) so having a more draggy aero package is not that surprising – may as well maximize cornering speed to work to the engine’s strengths.

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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