Montoya to drive for Penske in 2014 IndyCar season

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    With Juan Pablo Montoya set to lose his seat at Earnhardt-Ganassi in NASCAR at the end of the season, Michael Andretti is trying to put an IndyCar deal together for him:

    “I have talked to Juan about IndyCar and told him `Hell yeah, let’s find a way to put something together,’ ” Andretti told The Associated Press on Monday. “I’ve driven against him and I think he’s one of the best drivers I’ve ever driven against. It just comes down to sponsorship. So we’re looking, and if it’s a possibility, we want to do something with him.”

    I can think of few things I’d like to see more in motor racing than Montoya back in a single seater. Here’s that wall-brushing Detroit pole lap again:

    Oli Peacock

    During NASCAR’s Raceday Live, it was picked up on that Montoya misses ‘Dominating’ and says he has always preferred Single-Seater racing. Bring it on I say!


    I think it’d be great news for IndyCar on an international level as well. I know plenty of people who love Montoya, but don’t care for NASCAR. Maybe this could restore some of their international following as well.

    I think Michael needs to talk to Vaseline or other lubricants for sponsorship, Montoya might need it to fit in the car! ;)


    Will there be enough space in the cockpit? :-P

    Now seriously, isn’t he a bit old? 37 years old now, 38 next year.


    @sigman1998 he’s still younger than the current championship leader, Castroneves (who is 38) and 4x champ Franchitti (40). Most of the other top drivers are in their 30s, too. IndyCar drivers tend to have much longer careers than F1 drivers do.

    R.J. O’Connell

    Indycar needs a driver like Montoya…but I’m not sure if Montoya really needs an Indycar return. Not when he’s already done everything there is to do, and he did it all in two seasons.


    @keithcollantine How about Juan Pablo back in F1? :)


    I just had a thought. Montoya to replace Hinchcliffe as he heads to Chip Ganassi for a four-car team! That would be epic!


    @juan-pablo-montoya-1 I think he’d be happier in IndyCar and besides his overtaking talents would be wasted in DRS-era F1.


    Yeah I suppose so, doubt anyone good enough would take a punt on him either


    He left F1 because he wasn’t enjoying all the drama and if anything; that’s gotten worse. Not to mention F1 teams being much stricter on age. If anyone other than Michael Schumacher pursued a Mercedes seat for 2010 nearing 40, they would have laughed. (technically he was asked, but still.)


    Montoya would be great for indycay!
    It would get a bigger following in Europe for sure.

    His epic battle against Andretti at Michigan is still one of the greatest racing videos on youtube..


    @nick I would gladly take an F1 seat at 40. I just don’t think F1 would want to have me in like 10 years :(


    Great excuse for watching THAT pole lap again @keithcollantine! I think it would really be a good move for Indycar to have him back. I would hope he sheds 20 kg and does become a front runner if it happens.


    If Bernie would run indycar be sure he would be pulling a lot of strings to get this deal done.
    Imagine the publicity this would get!
    Hope if he does it, he can be a championship contender.
    He has had the bad luck of being against a dominant Ferrari back in the F1 days.

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