Dan Wheldon’s crash

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Nobody has actually said what the cause of death was, other than “injuries from the crash”. It’s most likely that he suffered extensive internal injuries – possibly damaging his liver and/or lungs – and died of massive blood loss, or he had a broken neck.


    It really is irrelevant, though. What the cause of his death was doesn’t change anything now.


    This is the first motorsport death I’ve ever witnessed live. It was deeply upsetting, especially seeing it in a sport I really love and a driver I have seen racing for many years.

    Craig Woollard

    I’ve already said a lot on this topic, and I’ve been feeling physically and emotionally sick ever since I found out the news, but I am going to say one more thing:

    It’s times like these where fans of F1, IndyCar, and motor racing in general, have to be there for each other, to support one another through this dreadful time. Some people will have taken the news better or worse than others. I’ve just about kept my emotions controlled so far, but I await to see all of the tributes and news reports.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m hoping Indycar will do something to immortalise Wheldon. I’ve heard the series is looking at an expansion into Europe – maybe they could run a the first race of the season in England under the name “The Dan Wheldon Invitational”.


    What a tragedy… R.I.P.


    “It really is irrelevant, though. What the cause of his death was doesn’t change anything now.”

    Except that a better understanding of the crash could help IRL if they are looking at improving safety to try and prevent similar crashes, or injuries in similar crashes.

    RIP Dan. That I know so little about him makes me wish I followed IRL more closely. Clearly a great talent.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Apparently Wheldon had signed a multi-year deal to race for Andretti Autosport, replacing Danica Patrick (who they really should have kicked to the kerb years ago). The team was planning to make the annoucement after the Las Vegas race. It’s just one mroe thing we’re never going to get to see from Wheldon.


    Dallara will name the new IndyCar for Wheldon

    “All people at Dallara always enjoyed meeting him in Italy and in the USA. We will honor his memory for the years to come by dedicating the Dallara IndyCar 2012 in his name. He deserves that.”

    Prisoner Monkeys

    So … what, will it be the 2012 Dallara Wheldon or something?


    I believe “DW 001” has been suggested by JR Hilderbrand.

    Having been playing Forza 4 the last few days, I’ve been in the game’s paint shop painting up a tribute to him. There are no IndyCars in the game, so this is the closest thing:


    Wow, good work @ajokay ! Very appropriate setting too…


    Something from Alex Tagliani on Twitter: “@TonyKanaan we need to get together @dariofranchitti @scottdixon9 @h3lio @12WillPower @MarcoAndretti @RyanHunterReay push drastic changes”

    The first big task for the IRL counterpart to the GPDA???


    A press conference is expected at 4pm today UK time to announce findings from the investigation into the Las Vegas crash.


    What are they going to announce? That they should never race that many cars on that type of oval again?

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