IndyCar to race in China

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    The Dutch Bear

    That other street track in Brazil looks good. However is it good for Indycar to go so international? As an American series alienating the American public would be a very bad thing to do. I personally would like to see Ho-Pin Tung in Indycars as he is a member of S.S.R. Rotterdam, a student union I also will be a member of in two weeks time after my inauguration in the Pelgrimsvaderskerk/Pilgrimfatherschurch (yes, those famous American guys slept there before going to America) in Rotterdam.


    Oh I know they have nothing to do with Qingdao. Not sure I implied they did! Didn’t mean to, at least.


    Why are they adding yet another street circuit? China has plenty of (admittedly rather crappy) permanent venues.


    It’s nice to hear IndyCar going to China, I think they should stage at least a quarter of the races on foreign soil.


    @Joey-Poey You named three good ones, and I can name three bad ones. Brazil, Edmonton and St. Pete are quite boring races. Brazil had a (kind of) good race last year, but that wasn’t due to the track, but the events that took place on it. In other words, it wasn’t because of the racing, but because of the mistakes. Edmonton is SO boring, and St. Pete is just as bad. Actually, even though Mid-Ohio isn’t a street circuit, its still really boring too. And counting Champcar, you had Houston, Clevland, and San Jose, and Denver, and you’d see that the U.S has worse street circuits than Europe does.


    I disagree with you on St. Pete being boring. It’s a rather unusual layout, especially with that tricky, fast chicane at the end with a wall right at the apex. It caught it’s fair share of drivers out.

    Considering you also put down Mid-Ohio I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. We obviously have differing opinions. There are those who would call Monaco, Singapore and Valencia boring, too…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    This is by no means official, but have posted a proposed circuit:

    That back section is going to be absolutely insane.



    I can see that long straight getting a crappy Baltimore-style chicane in it.

    Is this clockwise or anti-clockwise?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m afraid I have no idea – I saw it posted on another forum, and re-posted it here. It’s certainly by no means official.


    Now that, I like. But depending on the scale, I can’t see the back straight staying that way, if this was the basis for the final design.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Here’s the full calendar, which has been scaled back from seventeen races to fifteen (though Texas is expected to be a two-race format, just as it did this year):

    March 25: St. Petersburg, Fla. (street circuit)
    April 1: Barber Motorsports Park (permanent road course)
    April 15: Long Beach, Calif. (street circuit)
    April 29: São Paulo, Brazil (street circuit)
    May 27: Indianapolis Motor Speedway (oval)
    June 3: Detroit (street circuit)
    June 9: Texas Motor Speedway (oval)
    June 23: Iowa Speedway (oval)
    July 8: Toronto (street circuit)
    July 22: Edmonton (street circuit)
    Aug. 5: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (permanent road course)
    Aug. 19: Qingdao, China (street circuit)
    Aug. 26: Infineon Raceway (permanent road course)
    Sept. 2: Baltimore (street circuit)
    Sept. 15: Auto Club Speedway (oval)

    AMG Fan

    I think that’s an okay schedule considering what has happened this year. The Sao Paulo race has been a bit of a disaster on both occasions, with heavy rain stopping both events held there. I always had a strange attraction to the Detroit track, even though it’s too twisty –I guess the low-speed chaos it caused was a laugh.

    Really don’t see the point of going to Fontana, it’s flatter than 1.5 mile ovals, but the straights are longer and the radius of the turns aren’t as tight – meaning they’ll probably still be flat out for the whole lap, in whichever racing groove. Fontana is similar to Michigan’s banking and length, and races at the latter were just the same as at other 1.5 mile ovals.

    I hope IndyCar decides to use a different configuration at Infineon, the current one has few straights to allow for slipstreaming and out-braking manoeuvres into corners. Not running the final hairpin was a big mistake this year, eliminating about the only decent passing opportunity that exists. I’d try using the NASCAR layout, it’s short but frantic. Road America needs to be on the schedule, it’s a great course for any series.

    I’m glad that the Iowa Speedway was retained; it’s the only short oval now.

    AMG Fan

    The race at Texas is going to be a single race, as opposed to that crappy gimmick this year:

    It’s interesting to note that an additional race might take place after Fontana, wonder what it might be? I’m really pleased to hear that Phoenix and Richmond may return in 2013, two ovals that are well suited to IndyCar racing. If Randy can add Milwaukee and Road America for 2013 – that would be superb. One can only be optimistic!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    The race at Texas is going to be a single race, as opposed to that crappy gimmick this year

    After this year’s debacle, the format was going to be tweaked – rather than the ridiculous random draw grid for the second race, the finishing order from the first race was going to set the grid for the second. Evidently, Indycar has since given up on the idea.

    Stephen Jones

    when was the Milwaukee Mile taken off the schedule?

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