IndyCar to race in China

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Who says Formula 1 makes bad circuits? This looks horrible.


    Now that’s a street circuit! If it’s as long and wide as said then it’s going to be pretty cool.

    I don’t think running along the dual carriageway and then coming back is actually that unnecessary – with it, the circuit becomes roughly the same length as Sepang. Without it, it’d only be as long as Monaco and it’s deprived of a longer straight, which should make for some overtaking at the bottom of it and possibly a fightback through the hairpin and following left-hander.

    Can’t wait!


    Now I know Indycar’s are used to turning left a lot, but seriously, I think they are trying to overcompensate on this track, 6 right hand corners in a row, with nothing but straights between them, I wonder how many of them will crash from falling asleep driving that section! At least the “infield” is a bit more varied


    I actually like St. Pete. :( I feel like it’s got a very unique character


    Still a lot of doubt over whether the China race will actually happen. Official word expected soon:

    China decision within 3-4 days Randy Bernard says. It’s politics he says.


    I know IndyCar are trying to expand their global audience, but surely Europe would be a more logical place for expansion. Still, what I’ve seen of the circuit looked decent enough, so I’ll keep an open mind, assuming the race goes ahead.



    China was coming with an estimated $8 million sanctioning fee. We’ll see what happens but I’m guessing the race isn’t going to be in China. We’ll see what Bernard and Co. come up with though.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    It was a rubbish circuit, anyway.


    The question now though is where will IndyCar race instead in order to meet their 16 race requirement. According to SpeedTV there are multiple options under consideration.

    1. Add another oval to the schedule at either Kentucky, Michigan, Chicagoland, Pocono, or Phoenix raceway.

    2. Join in on the American Le Mans Series race weekend at Road America.

    3. Join in on the Grand Am Race at Laguna Seca.

    4. Race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course

    It’s getting a little late here so I’ll post my opinion of these in a bit but I’m interested in what everyone else thinks or any other ideas you have.


    I’m surprised they’re not going to Circuit of the Americas. Are they only going to use it once a year, for the Grand Prix?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Indycar was serious about racing in China, they would have gone somewhere like Shanghai, Ordos, Zhuhai or Guangdong, rather than trying to establish a new race.

    As for the replacement venue, I’m guessing it will be a road course. The series has been moving away from ovals, so I can’t really see them adding another one in.



    It will only be used by F1 this year but MotoGP, V8 Supercars, and American Le Mans Series all have contracts to race there in 2013 and beyond

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Actually, the status of the MotoGP contract is uncertain right now. Ever since Tavo Hellmund was driven out of the project, there has been uncertainty as to whether or not MotoGP will race there.

    But I doubt Indycar could go to the Circuit of the Americas, even if they wanted to. Bernie probably has some clause in the contract with the circuit that guarantees Formula 1 the exclusive rights to race there as an open-wheel racing series. That might sound anti-competitive, but the circuit is purpose-built for Formula 1, and I can’t imagine Bernie would be too keen on seeing Indycar race there. Especially if the circuit was drafted in as a replacement for Qingdao, and so got to use it before Formula 1.

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