Massa To IndyCar?

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    I believe Massa would have a very tough time. He says he was just visiting, but I’m sure it was more than that.

    If Rubens is mid pack in IndyCar (running the preferred power plant), Massa is near the bottom of the grid.


    If it was more than just “visiting”, I can’t blame him. If Ferrari let him go and he can’t get a drive with a decent team, I wouldn’t blame him for trying IndyCar. If he does, he may not dominate but I think he would do okay. He would at least have more time to get to grips with it than Rubens will.


    These cars are much different than Formula 1 so Rubens is taking some time to adjust. No tire warmers, no power steering, they may be open wheel but they’re a completely different animal.

    Massa would be welcomed with open arms to Indycar if he decided to make the move over. I would be excited for one!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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