Newman/Haas pull out of IndyCar

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    Sad news:

    “The economic climate no longer enables Newman/Haas Racing to participate in open-wheel racing at this time,” Haas said in a statement.

    I wonder what will happen to Servia and especially Hinchcliffe now


    Statement from the team here:

    Dreadful news, major blow for the series. I’m particularly disappointed for Hinchcliffe who drove very well in his rookie season. But there’s no positive spin to be put on this one for IndyCar.


    Woah. That’s a bombshell.


    Incredibly sad news. I grew up watching many of those guys winning in Newman/Haas cars. Their name will be missed on the grid.


    One of the three top teams from the former CART series is gone, can’t believe it. I loved their black car driven by Christian Fittipaldi and Michael Andretti. And the worst part is that now we have two top drivers with no seat. Hinchcliffe deserves a top seat, definitely. And Serviá, although quite a veteran, still has his skill.


    Any idea if they’ll compete in a less expensive series next season? Do they own teams in Indy Lights or Star Mazda?


    It says open wheel racing. I took that to include Indy Lights and Star Mazda, unfortunately :/


    NASCAR? I thought the ‘open wheel racing’ part was a bit too specific to mean they’d go completely.


    Tough news, Hopefully Hinchcliffe will find somewhere else to drive. He is by far one of the most charismatic drivers in Indyar. He also performed really well this year and it will be a shame if he can’t find a drive. Newman/Haas will be sorely missed.

    Joel Holland

    Really sad news.

    No one’s mentioned Servia, who finished fourth in points! He beat two Penskes, all of the Andrettis, Kanaan etc etc etc. Oriol has been one of the most under-rated drivers in American open-wheel over the past decade and just when it seemed he’d landed somewhere he could really build something it vanishes from under his feet. Hopefully he’ll still have that Telemundo backing and find himself a new home. AGAIN.

    Got to feel Hinch will be okay, which he also deserves to be. Andretti, KV (Hinch and TK would be a great pairing) or the funded ride at Foyt are all possibilities.


    Oh, my. Not looking good for open wheel racing in the US then.


    Some interesting and rather depressing background in this article by Gordon Kirby:

    “With Newman passing away later in ’08 and Haas ailing in recent years one of America’s great race teams was reduced to running paying drivers in recent three years. For six or seven years the business of racing Indy cars has been a losing proposition for Newman/Haas and last week Carl and Berni Haas took the difficult and painful decision not to continue in Indy car racing after 29 years of operation.”

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