Power wins from ninth in Barber

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    Will Power won a cracking race at Barber Motorsports Park, rising from ninth on the grid.

    Scott Dixon led as he did in St Petersburg but once again had to settle for second place. Helio Castroneves retains a narrow championship lead after fending off Graham Rahal for third.

    It was an action-packed race with several excellent passes and just two caution periods.

    Rubens Barrichello rose through the ranks late in the race to claim eighth place ahead of Sebastien Bourdais.

    It’s encouraging to see such a good race with the new cars so soon – looks like their plan of increasing under-body downforce and cutting the downforce generated with surface wings has worked.

    Here’s highlights from the race:


    Yes, an excellent race at a track that’s very hard to overtake!

    Too bad the TV audio isn’t utilized on the video highlights. They use the IndyCar radio audio mixed with the TV video and the narration doesn’t always match the camera selection.

    I must say I’ve become a fan of the rear bumper as it has eliminated needless rear tire punctures, and seems to have greatly reduced damage to front wings. They did a bit of bumping yesterday and the only car I saw with some front wing damage was Marcos.

    Congrats to Rubens and Bourdais! Both excellent drives for the day and a nice article on them here


    Great race.. bourdais was excellent. andretti as well. he is the kobayashi of indycar!


    Yeah, this track has a history of having very few places to overtake. And there were some moves made (successfully) in multiple places I never thought possible! It looks like if anything, the new cars are very much promoting passing (even with the new blocking rules). Let’s hope this trend continues because if so, it’ll be one helluva season.


    Agreed Joey. Should be a helluva season.

    Can’t wait for Long Beach, then Rubens hometown!


    That was the first Indy Car race I sat down and watched properly and I wasn’t disappointed. I was on the edge of my seat, taking it all in. Once names started sticking I could relate to it a little more.

    Did Dixon really lose it because of his issue in the pits? It seemed to me that Power would have streamed past him anyway.


    Dixon had a slow pit stop due to problems getting the rear tire on (I believe). I think WP would have passed him in the end anyway.

    As at St. Pete, Bourdais drove the race of his life at Barber. He has been something special to watch, in an underpowered car.

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