São Paulo Indy 300

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    Craig Woollard

    Useless stat: The only drivers to have been repeat winners in IndyCar and in F1 so far this season have both done Kimi Raikkonen impersonations!


    @craig-o HAHAHAHA


    I only saw the last ten laps which looked great – tough-but-fair racing and a belting pass by James Hinchcliffe. Apparently I missed a lot of cautions though…


    Here are the highlights from the race:


    Franchitti’s unhappy with Sato’s defending:

    As I understand it in IndyCar drivers are allowed to move off-line to defend if it’s done pre-emptively rather than as a response to a move the driver behind has already made. One of the moves Sato made in response to Newgarden looked like it was reactive to me.

    But as I understand it the IndyCar rules don’t forbid drivers using the entire width of the straight to defend, which is what Franchitti’s objecting to. Though as I recall, Franchitti believes drivers shouldn’t be allowed to defend by moving off-line in the first place, which was a rule in IndyCar until a few years ago when they brought in the current rule.

    As I write this I see Marco Andretti’s made a constructive contribution to the debate:


    Wow!!! Incredible racing! I had not realized Indy had these type of races! Amazing stuff!! Props to Takuma!

    Adam Blocker

    Dario better believe they will discuss blocking, especially after his naughty chop on Sato last year.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Andretti’s comments might be juvenile, but they’re constructive in their own way – listening to drivers quibble over the finer points of rules that are open to a wide degree for interpretation as a way of soothing their bruised egos (and quibbling that is unlikely to come to a resolution at that) sounds like hell to me.


    My problem with Sato’s defending is, that he moved to the right and left a gap between himself and the wall. And when Newgarden respectivly Hinchcliffe went for that gap, he made another move to the right.
    That shouldn`t be allowed in my opinion.


    Sato’s blocking of Hinchcliffe on the final straight looked like a clever piece of defensive driving by making use of the curves in the straight, as he didn’t have to turn the steering wheel the close the gap between his car and the wall. It reminded me of Gerhard Berger defending from Damon Hill in Hockenheim in 1996:


    Here’s a fantastic quote from our winner!


    wow, good manouvre from Hinchcliffe.
    pardon me for being dumb (I never really watch Indycar), but does it always run in street circuit? the track looked bumpy as hell.


    @adityafakhri They have many street races. I can’t understand why the don’t race in COTA, Indianapolis (the F1 layout), Montreal and Interlagos


    Interesting that Hinchcliffe only led the race after last corner to the finish line…

    Harry Westwood

    @dubs not that different from JB in Canada (F1) 2011, only led for half a lap.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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