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    Neel Jani

    So we are done with the first round of the MotoGP World Championship in Qatar and what a race it was. It was absolutely thrilling but I can’t say the same for BT Sport’s coverage.

    Since the announcement, fans are going mad at the lineup (let’s not even talk about the exclusive rights). Let me be honest, I couldn’t survive the whole pre/post shows of the race since it really was boring.

    Melanie Sykes who anyway bore the brunt of thousands of British fans seemed pathetically plastic. It was clear that she was trying a bit too hard and bring in some sexiness about the sport. With no prior background of the sport as well as hosting a live event, slip ups were expected (and quite normal actually) but to fail to identify teams and riders in MotoGP or even unable to pronounce names like ‘Espargaro’ was a let down.

    Frankly, I was expecting a bit more from Neil Hodgson and James Toseland but was majorly let down. The so called grid walk was so out of the blue. I thought it would be a proper grid walk but it turned out that they only interviewed the British riders constantly telling them how proud the fans were about their performances. The race end was equally punishing when Neil Hodgson literally stuck the mike into Cal Crutchlow’s face assuming he had ran out of fuel.

    Keith Huewen was the star! He couldn’t get his eyes off the British riders. Bradley Smith was perhaps the only thing he knew. I was tired with him constantly speaking about Bradly and how good he has been.

    Thankfully it is a world feed or else if BT had the control, we would’ve only seen the British riders.

    A BIG let down for me.

    How was your experience?


    Takagami :D

    The said it at least 3 times in Moto2 :D

    I only watched Moto2 from BT, lots of mistakes generally


    I have to agree. BT was not good enough.The presenters had no idea about anything and didn’t offer much insight at all. It’s such a shame the BBC sold out as their coverage was pretty good.
    The other problem with BT is it’s on pay TV so less people will be watching, which, for a sport like MotoGP that hasn’t got a massive following like F1, is really going to hurt its popularity in the UK.
    The race itself on the other hand was one of the best I’ve seen for a while.


    I didn’t even know MotoGP was back yet. I never catch more than the odd race, but I’m already missing it being on the BBC, where at least I could access a good quality version.


    I actually enjoyed the BT coverage. Mainly because I get it for free!

    Not many motorsports left where I can say that…

    I thought the commentary team (got to love Julian Ryder) and Hodgson were great and I enjoyed the pre-race features they did. It’ll clearly get better as it goes on, but I felt it was on a par with the BBC coverage at the very least.


    I thought the coverage was fine, yes the grid walk was just talking to the british riders which was a shame but this is a channel broadcasting to the UK of course it’s going to feature heavily on the Brits.

    the race commentary was fine I thought. they were going to praise Bradley a lot because unlike Rossi/Pedrosa/Marquez he hasnt been at the front much if at all in MotoGP.

    im sure at somepoint Suzi Perry will move back over from BBCF1 to a sport she likes and Sykes will leave.


    I’m in pretty much the same boat as Matt, I guess you’d say I’m a casual MotoGP viewer and the kerfuffle necessary to watch it (I get BT sport free but I can only stream it) means it’s hardly worth the effort. I’m hoping when we get back to normal European races my interest will pick up again, I caught the end of yesterday’s race and it did nothing for me, looked like they were going around in a car park.

    im sure at somepoint Suzi Perry will move back over from BBCF1 to a sport she likes and Sykes will leave.

    Yes please! Could we get a straight swap for Jake Humphrey do you think? :P

    Madi Murphy

    To paraphrase a comment I saw on Twitter last night, if there’s one positive thing to say about BT Sport’s MotoGP coverage, it’s that it has made me appreciate Sky Sports F1 a lot more!

    Seriously, why invest money for exclusive rights to a sport and then treat it so poorly? The build-up was so dull, the presenters were just standing around chatting and watching preparations. Why has no effort been made to produce features that will interest fans? Where is the access to riders and teams? It was all so amateur.

    As a long-time Neil Hodgson fan I feel sad to criticise him but he is in rather desperate need of some media training. That attempt to force-interview Cal after the race was really uncomfortable to watch.

    As for Melanie Sykes, I’ve seen worse presenters, but I agree that it’s shameful to not be able to at least identify riders and teams. If BT Sport insist that they must have a female presenter to front MotoGP, I’d rather they hired Jodie Marsh… at least she has a genuine interest in and knowledge of the sport.


    Why has no effort been made to produce features that will interest fans? Where is the access to riders and teams? It was all so amateur.

    Really? They did a feature about Marquez, about the new rules and they had Gavin Emmett interviewing loads of people in the pitlane. I thought there was a perfectly decent amount of that which you claim there wasn’t.

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