Kyle Busch crashes into Ron Hornaday in NASCAR Truck race

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    I’m not a big fan of NASCAR nor do I even follow the results. But I saw a tweet from someone I followed on Twitter and brought this to my attention. 3 weeks after Dan Wheldon, and 2 weeks after Marco Simoncelli. I know it’s a strong word, but; disgusting.

    Kyle Busch should be disqualified from the title; and perhaps from a few races too; a la Jerez 1997 (Schumacher-Villeneuve)


    One of the dumbest moves I’ve seen. Hornaday didn’t push him deliberately, he got loose because of aerodynamics. I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of Kyle, one more reason to dislike him. Wish they’d ban him the rest of the season.


    Guy should have his competition licence revoked. Utterly despicable.


    Apparently he’s just gotten banned for the Texas Sprint Cup race or some such.


    Beyond words. I genuinely don’t know what to say.

    If he is indeed allowed to race for the rest of the season after this incident, then there is also something wrong with NASCAR, not just Kyle Busch.


    This is why I don’t watch or like NASCAR. There are some real morons racing in that category.


    I’ve read disqualifying him from Texas this weekend basically eliminates him from the title. Thank god too because he ruined a buy’s championship run…

    Should be given a huge fine and disqualified the rest of the season. Absolutely classless and under caution too….


    NASCAR has a boys have at it policy: retaliation is allowed. We’ve seen many uncalled for retaliations this year, this was only another one of them…Remember when Carl Edwards flipped Keselowsky around and nothing happened to him? Also, if NASCAR wants to prevent Cup drivers from ruining other people’s championship hopes, don’t allow Cup drivers to race in lower-tiers series. I think that inconsistency in penalties is a motorsports-wide problem


    I am appalled by this. There should be no reason for any driver to be allowed to keep their license if they deliberatly crash. Also this was under caution.
    NASCAR need to make a statement. This is unacceptable under any circumstances.


    Its disgusting and its cowardly. It happened in the last race too at Martinsville- someone got shoved out wide and damaged his car and in retaliation waited for the field to come by again and he tried to drive his battered car into the side of a rival. Luckily he barely touched him but the amount of intentional wrecking going on over there is ridiculous.
    Busch needs to have his licence taken away or something. Actually i think its rare for them to ban him; normally people get off the hook with driving like that but he hit the wall hard and at a bad angle- that could well have been serious injury.


    Kyle Busch is an absolute grub. This sort of thing was completely wrong a month ago, since then we’ve had two big reminders of how dangerous motor sport can be and he goes and does this. A long stretch on the sidelines might get through to him since the events of the last few weeks clearly haven’t.


    Disgusting, should be banned for life.


    I was also disgusted by this. At least Harvick is calling out for a change in the policy:

    Harvick said there has to be an end to the retaliation piece of the ”Boys, have at it” mantra.

    ”Whether it’s Kyle Busch or anybody else. This is not late model racing. I mean, this is professional stock car racing,” Harvick said Saturday. ”We all make mistakes. We all do things sometimes out of character. You know if things continue to progress, we’re going to hurt somebody.”


    I hope doesn’t take a serious injury or death to open NASCAR’s eyes, and see that on track retaliation has no place in motorsport.


    What exactly is the “have at it” code? Is it a regulation? A code of conduct? What is it?

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