Penske drop Kurt Busch

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    Penske will replace Kurt Busch next season:


    Good. He’s a complete idiot. Both the Busch brothers are actually. Nascar must have the most morons of any racing series.


    Nice one Penské!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    His brother still takes the trophy for idiocy on the circuit, though.


    I don’t think we should call drivers idiots just because they have said or done something controversial or even unacceptable. I also don’t think teams should fire them because of such actions. Drivers should be penalised for doing something wrong but not treated like criminals. Autosport is becoming too clinical.

    AMG Fan

    I think Kurt deserved to be sacked, if that’s what happened as opposed to him walking out. The abuse he’s given Roger Penske over the radio, one of the most respected owners in motorsports, and his crew chief has been disgusting all year. I’m surprised why Roger has put up with Kurt’s swearing, rants and sheer meltdowns on the radio for all these years.

    I think the success of Brad Keselowski influenced the decision. Penske has one hungry, talented driver who has the upmost respect for Roger. Then, he has another driver who has fewer wins this year, finished lower in the standings and verbally abuses Roger on a frequent basis – the decision then seems pretty fair. It used to be that Kurt was top dog at Penske, now Kurt’s meltdowns don’t seem worth it.

    But who is going to replace Kurt? The options don’t seem great for such a high calibre team. David Ragan, or the wrecking machine that is Brian Vickers? I’d give Sam Hornish Jr another shot; he’s driven well in the Nationwide Series this year for Penske – taking a win too.


    @Girts Kyle should be treated like a criminal. Someone could have died in the crash he caused on purpose.

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