Video: Massive multi-car crash at Daytona

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    Humongous pile-up in today’s NASCAR race at Daytona:


    Have to enjoy the way the commentators talk about a major pile up like this, as if it’s inevitable at Daytona. Junior had a pretty lucky escape there, though, going from 30 to 10. With luck like that for a change, he might actually hang in there for a title attack. Interesting to see the championship table after this weekend.

    When I saw this footage on Twitter I had to look twice though, still not used to number 3 being back in Sprint Cup..


    This was an incredibly bizarre race. Delayed by a day due to rain, then stopped a handful of laps in due to more rain. Early in the race there was the first “big one” ( which took out many of the leading contenders. It was getting pretty frantic later on with more fain forecast, and that’s when the huge crash above occurred. A few minutes later the rain came and the race was declared official. Quite a shame as it would’ve been fun to see how the race unfolded with the dozen-or-so remaining cars, as almost none of them were usually frontrunners.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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