Video: Pit fight after Gordon crashes into Bowyer

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    Ugly scenes in the NASCAR race at Phoenix as a fight breaks out in the pits after Jeff Gordon deliberately crashed into Clint Bowyer following an earlier incident on the track:

    This is of course far from being the first such crash at a NASCAR-sanctioned event:

    Kyle Busch crashes into Ron Hornaday in NASCAR Truck race

    Fer no.65

    That’s what they like to see anyway… not judging you, Americans, but it’s kinda true. Otherwise they’d have banned Kyle Busch forever a long time ago.


    Well to be fair not all americans feel this way, my dad and I both hate NASCAR for this reason particularly. Its not necessarily the fighting but the crowd going crazy cheering to see a fight. When I want to watch fight I watch boxing. When I want to watch racing I watch F1, ALMS, or Indycar.


    Pathetic. Both the act and the reaction. If this is supposed to spice up ‘the show’, I’ll keep switching the channels to find where the grown-ups race.

    There’s more than enough pseudo-reality shows on television that try to ram down our throats the lazy idea that volume and confrontation is a substitute for personality, and I don’t watch that garbage either.

    Shame on the cud-chewers in the crowd for cheering the whole charade on, too.


    That’s a years worth of frustration and anger finally boiling over. It’s a real shame because he’s had horrible luck. I’m a Jeff Gordon fan and its been really tough to watch this year. No excuse for his or anyone’s actions, but it makes a bit more sense in context.

    Glad no one in F1 ever deliberately ran into someone, even to win a championship.


    xbx-117 not sure if you serious or trolling.

    Suzuka ’90 and Estoril ’97 are the proof of this going on even in the polite F1


    When was the last time a pit crew from F1 had a fight after a crash?? I was thinking what will happened if this event will occour on modern F1?

    Is a shameful behavoir, both the crash and the fight, I was very dissapointed of the public cheering on them after brawl started…

    I think both teams should be banned for the rest of the season (I think there is only 1 or 2 races left)…


    @xbx-117. I hope you’re being sarcastic.

    Looks like Schumacher might have a future in Nascar.


    What a bunch of apes. The drivers, the teams, the crowd and the people filming it. I’m glad F1 doesnt see this all that often.

    Ryan Williams

    I hope NASCAR steps in and punishes both the 24 and 15 crews. What Gordon did on the circuit was downright dangerous, but then to have Bowyer’s crew practically jump Gordon in the pits is disgusting behaviour on their part.

    A ban from the race at Homestead next week is in order I think


    Watching that video just makes me angry. It’s insulting to the memory of anyone who’s been killed in a motorsport accident that NASCAR doesn’t come down hard on on-track retaliations like that.


    That’s totally insane. Jeff Gordon has lost every single bit of my respect, which was a lot. In fact, he was one of my favourites. Feel sorry for Joey and Aric, they were unluckily involved. And of course for Bowyer, a good result at Phoenix might have let him able to fight the title at Miami. I won’t lie, I’d have reacted just as bowyer did, maybe even worse. I’m kind of moody with these things.


    Most people responding here are out of touch with reality. He deliberality ran into Bowyer, of course he’s going to get a response from people working very, very hard to get results on the racing track. You’d be angry, I’d be angry, and with a lot of angry people together, taken into account that Gordon caused a crash that could’ve hurt Bowyer he seriously had it coming. Bowyer didn’t ask to get rammed, Gordon didn’t ask for a beatdown… he’s not in a position to complain. Still, it’s not what we’d like to see, but the problem is Gordon and not the responding crew.

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