Barcelona can't handle greatest team in world!

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    @Astanator and Klon if you nip up to the top of the page you’ll see this is in the Not F1 section and therefore quite legit. There’s quite a few football fans around these forums, as well of fans of different sports and people of many interests. Luckily, we have this section of the forum.

    RIISE seems to be quite bitter about the whole thing, Barca fan?


    Scribe, i’m not bitter =) Well actually I am…

    I’m a Liverpool fan and after many trips to Highbury in the 90’s I grew a certain hate towards them, more than Manu funnily enough. Then when Henry joined you it got worse….

    I won’t mention the the more recent incident.


    I’m a Liverpool fan

    Me too!


    To be honest Arsenal were lucky not to be 3 down before the equaliser but that’s Barcelona’s fault for not taking them when they were theirs for the kill.

    Not just because it’ll mean another English team in the quarter-finals, but I really hope Barcelona get dumped out. I can’t stand the hype. Barca are basically a 4-man team, Messi, Iniesta and two others varying from night to night. They play in a league where there’s only one other decent competitive team, no wonder Messi scores 40 goals a year, stick Dimitar Berbatov in League 1 and you’d see the same thing, Chelsea put out their second-choice left back in 2009 and Messi was nowhere to be seen. He’s one of the best but not above the rest, if you ask me.


    Weal, I’m not going to pretend we wern’t outplayed in the first half but we matched them in the second, and we were worth our lead by the end.

    Anyways, it’s recently become clear that bar maybe Villareal and Valencia, with possibly a helping of Espanyol, La Liga really has gone down hill, SPL in the sun with more teams. Barcelona are the best team I have ever seen though, never seen anyone play like they do, it’s magical, I also think Messi’s value for his Ballon D’or’s, certainly can’t think ofanyone better, particularly not Ronaldo. Considering how young Messi is his still got time to assert himself internationally once Argentina gets a decent coach. Shame for them Mascherano’s shackled himself by going to a team he’ll only ever warm the bench at.

    (Icthyes: Messi Inesta yes. XAVI!!! Best midfeilder of our generation the man is insane, regularly completes 100+ passes, most important player in Barca’s recent triumps, Spains Euro and World Cup crowns, he’s incredible. Also Villa)

    La Liga is both flawed and more competative than it’s given credit for I reckon.

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