Best and worst driving/motor racing films

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    After having the misfortune last night to watch Stalones Driven (simply awful in so so many ways) I was wondering what the best and worst driving films, F1 or otherwise, people have seen?

    Where do you put a film like Taladega Nights and Days of Thunder…good or bad? Grand Prix is a classic and I guess Le Mans is too but I’ve always found that one a bit dull. Senna is clearly already a classic but it’s somewhat different as it’s a documentary. Could you include films like Bullet and Vanishing Point…not race films but certainly driving films. And lets not forget Speed Racer – cheesy but stylistic as hell and probably more realistic than Driven.

    Sorry that was a bit of a consciousness dump…what do you all think (I’ll let my brain munge away and pop back later for a top 3, good and bad)


    Haha, Driven is actually so much fun to watch if you’re after a laugh! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse movie in my life.

    Talledega Nights is actually pretty funny but it’s more of a comedy than a film about driving.

    I’ve not seen any of the others you’ve mentioned (though I hope I someday will), but Cars was quite fun and I even went to the movies to see the sequel which was, in my opinion, entertaining and fun.


    John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix is beautifully shot and has some wonderful period car footage – you can certainly enjoy it for that. But the story is pretty rubbish. Look out for the cameo by Graham Hill.

    Talladega Nights is execrable tosh, not even funny in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way. Avoid.

    I haven’t made it to the end of Driven yet. I’ll give it another try one day. Brings back bad memories of the long, lingering death of CART for me.

    Senna is, of course, required viewing.

    I haven’t seen Days of Thunder in a long time – I remember it being poor but passable. I do recall a toe-curlingly awful scene where Tom Cruise is moving condom wrappers around on Nicola Kidman’s thigh – part explanation of the principles of drafting, part foreplay.

    For me, Cars suffered from my high expectations after seeing marvellous 3D animations like Up!, Wall-E and the Toy Story series. It falls a long way short of that standard, but it’s not bad. Haven’t seen the second one.


    As soon as I saw the thread the only thing I could think of was “For the love of Benji, whatever you do, DO NOT watch Driven”.

    But I see that’s already been covered.


    Oh, and everyone keeps telling me to watch the TT film that came out this year around the same time of Senna. Definitely on my “to-watch” list.


    Whaaaaaaat!? Driven is AMAZING!!! It’s so corny, I love it! The best part is where they randomly go racing through the streets! Hahaa what a film!


    @keith you have to make it to the end of Driven just to watch the ‘drama’ on the final lap…Stalone jumps a corner to take the lead but break his front suspension..somehow manages to stay in the lead for about half a lap before backing off to give his teamate and rival a way through, at which point his front tyre explodes causing him to spin along the track for what seems like a mile allowing him to come in third – hope I haven’t spoiled the film for anyone ;-)

    Stephen Jones

    i used to love Driven as a kid.. am i a bad person?


    I quite like Cars, although the cynic in me says it was made mainly as a way to sell merchandise to children who like playing with cars.

    Drive, which came out this year (and has been getting rave reviews) is very good. It’s not about F1, the guy is a stunt driver/getaway driver and the film actually has a plot which is a big flaw with a lot of driving films.

    Best car chase scene (I haven’t seen Bullitt) I have seen was in The French Connection.


    I enjoyed both ‘Cars’ films. The first had a good story and it was just nice to see some motorsport work its way into a Pixar film.

    The second film was alright. The CG was much more impressive and the pats where they actually showed racing were top notch. But the story was just a James Bond spy-’em-up and the way they shoehorned cars into the roles of humans in a human-based world really didn’t sit with me. It was awkward.


    Le Mans
    Herbie – the Love Bug
    Death Race 2000
    Cannonball Run
    Grand Prix
    Days of Thunder


    how did I forget The Cannonball Run and Death Race (I assume you mean the original??)…and what about that Burt Reynolds ‘classic’ Stroker Ace?


    Grand Prix is the No.1 for driving, Taladega Nights and cars for the laughs. Driven Had Sly in it and Im no fan of his. Days of Thunder, well I like Nicole Kidman.

    I liked the driving in the Transporter movies.


    Death Race 2000 is the original, Death Race is the new version

    I’ve never heard of Stoker Ace, will check it out

    Guess I could have included Smokey and the Bandit too, sort of a race


    Slightly off piste, how about fictional F1 books. I enjoyed Formula 1 by Bob Judd at school

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