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    I’ve seen another thread about what cars F1F’s members like but what about cars we have owned. Here is my list and the age of the car. I learned to drive in a diesel Land Rover (1969 version with no power whatsoever). First car i drove was my dad’s Alfa GTV V6 which I managed to control for 200meters before hitting a wall!

    1st Car Fiat 500(1971)

    2nd VW Beetle(1974)

    3rd Fiat 500 (1974)

    4th Alfa Gulia 1750 (1967) sill have

    5th Opel Kadette(1980)

    6th Alfa 33 (1984)

    7th Lancia Beta(1983)

    8th Saab 99 (1983)

    9th Saab 900 (1988)

    10th Fiat Croma turbo (1990)worst car I’ve ever had.

    11th Saab 9000 turbo (1993)

    12th and till present Alfa 155’s and now 159


    Ferrari F40, Orange Arrows, Mclaren MP4/23, Red Bull RB5… Models, I can’t drive :P

    Alfa 159 is absolutely stunning, great choice :)


    1997 Nissan Altima (Bluebird) U13

    2003 Nissan Sentra Se-r Spec V

    2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan Sport

    Soon to come: Audi A6/A4/S4 Avant


    1st FIAT 127

    2nd Renault R11 Turbo (worst car I ever had)

    3rd Audi Quattro 139 CV (First version)

    4th Gof GTI 16V (one of the most funiest cars I ever had)

    5th Audi 90 Coupe (second version-the most beautiful car I ever had)

    6th Ford Scorpio 3.0 Ghia (The most “car-for-old-people” I ever had)

    7th Lancia Thema Turbo 16v (Was really fast and funny for driving, but the consumption was for rich people!!!)

    8th Audi A6 1.9 Tdi (Not bad, but not exciting in any way)

    9th BMW 523i (really fast car and very “easy-driving”) the only problem I had, was the color -I cannot choose)

    10th BMW X3 2.5i (The most enjoyed car I ever had- I will not forget some summer nights in the beach with this car)

    11th Audi A5 2.0 Tdi. (Really nice car, but going backwards, I still remember my experience with the Audi 90 Coupe)

    11th.1 I have bought a Mini for my daughter and she is really angry with me because every weekend she has to fight with me to use her car!!!

    In any case, I still dreaming with an Aston Martin. I hope I can buy one before I dead!!! Second dream is about a motorbike: CONFEDERATE is really a dream for everyone who like bikes, big ones.


    IDR, the Croma I had was the cheaper version of the lancia. I hope the lancia was better. I remember driving on the motorway with the seat electrics moving it backwards and forwards. I also remember filling it with gas every 2 days!


    Well i’ve only ever driven 2 cars so my list is slightly shorter.

    1. VW Polo 1.4. (2002) Wonderfully nippy but it tragically died after I kind of rolled it. My first car and will always be my favourite

    2. Ford Focus Ghia 1.6 (1999) Great car still which is everything you’d expect of a Focus. Starting to become quite attached to this car after a epic 1,000 mile road trip of scotland last month


    Wow long lists going on here, sadly I’ve only ever driven Fords and my Dad’s awful Fiat, unless you count track days then the cars get a little more exotic :)

    The only car I’ve ever owned is a 2002 Ford Fiesta.


    As i am not old enogh to drive i will tell you the cars my parents have owned and i have ridden in (idk if it still counts)

    1. 1989 honda civic

    2. 1990 honda accord 2 door

    3. 1992 honda accord 4 door

    4. 1995 isuzu rodeo

    5. 2000 honda prelude

    6. 2003 volkswagen passat

    7. 2003 honda element

    8. 2005 volkswagen toureg

    9. 2006 mini cooper s

    10. 2007 audi a4 avant

    11. 2007 toyota tundra

    12. 198(?) toyota mr2 turbo race prepared

    13. 199(?) porsche 944 race prepared

    14. 2007 porsche cayman s

    Im 13 and in that time we have owned 14 cars and currently only own 4, # 10, 11, 13, 14

    14 being my favorite :D


    Rampante: I think the thema was not really a great car, but I enjoyed it so much. A that time (1991), was really brutal in terms of Mkg (35) and mximum speed (235 km/h). There were not s many cars matching it’s performance and every BMW/Mercedes/Audi I found, were really surprised with the performance of my Thema.

    They never expect a car with not so very Sporting looking, could achieve the acceleration/speed I got with the Thema. 0-100 Kms/h in 6,5 Secs, much more than the Lancia Thema Ferrari!!!

    The only bad points of this car was: comsumption you can go over 28 liters each 100Km, and the quality of the materials used, much lower than Audi/Mercedes/BMW.

    Anyway, I have great remembers of this car… And a bounch of traffic fines!!!!


    IDR when we think of the fuel, we destroyed the planet! It was fast as you say but with the croma there was no control. The turbo came in going round corners and it was too easy to be going the wrong way. It was the same engine and as you said better than the 8.32. We are older now but these cars were fun.


    Wow, i feel funny with all the long lists here. Makes me feel shy to show the cars i drove. Especially as most of them were company cars here in the Czech Republic making the brand a little bit predictable.

    So here we go:

    1. a 1998 Skoda Felicia Combi 1.4 diesel. Without power steering, i did about 45.000 km in it starting in the winter period. After going to our German headquarters (a 340 km drive) in 4 hours in the morning and preparing to drive back at 7 in the evening my collegues were shocked. And forget about turning on the climate control, it lost about 10-15 % of the 54 hp it had.

    2. a 2003 Skoda Octavia Combi 1,9 TDI, 96kw. Nice car, good gear rates with the 6 speed gearbox it had. Did some nice driving on dutch roads. Sad to say i had it only for about 1 month.

    3. a 2004 Skoda Octavia Combi 1,9 TDI, 81 KW. After about 145.000 km and 3,5 years i bought this car for private use and it now has over 210.000 km and going nicely. The power is ok for its use, and good for long trips when you don’t know where you will be able to stop for gas. Especially with a Shell card going through France.

    4. Skoda Octavia II Combi (well i did warn you) 2,0 TDI 100 Kw. Good car for driving, offers an enormous trunk. But i never quit got the gear ratios as it was just as good in 5th and 6th gear on the highway. Puzzled me.

    Before nr. 1 i have driven a VW Caravelle 2,4 TDI in Ferrari red. This was a magic bus for the time. Great acceleration and unexpected pace.


    I learned to drive in my mom’s ’91 Toyota Tercel

    My first car was a ’71 VW Transporter which I did a whole engine rebuild on with a friend to get it running.

    Next I had a ’98 VW GTI VR6 that was quite a jump from the old bus. Tragically it ended in an endover end flip that I managed to cause. Whoops!

    After that I got a ’95 GTI VR6 that I’ve had for about a decade now. 194,000 miles on it and the engine still runs great. Everything else is starting to fail though. Need to sell it, but have been a bit lazy lately.

    Just last month I upgraded to a 2001 Audi TT coupe (the dual exhaust 6-speed 225 bhp version). It’s one of the funnest cars I’ve ever driven, and hands down the best car I’ve owned.

    Other cars I’ve driven extensively. 2004 Honda Element (surprisingly peppy engine, and very useful interior), and a 2007 BMW 328xi (an all around awesome car to drive, very fun).


    1. 1983 Alfa Spider Veloce

    2. 1974 VW Super Beetle

    3. 1988 Jaguar XJ6

    4. 1990 Jaguar XJS

    5. 1997 GMC Yukon

    6. 1968 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

    7. 1985 Jeep CJ7

    8. 2000 Audi A4 Quattro

    9. 2000 Acura TL

    I’m due for a new car soon but waiting for the Fiat 500 to make it’s

    way to Canada.


    1-1964 VW Microbus

    2-1971 Ford Pinto 2L

    3-1971 FIAT 124 Sport Spider

    4-1971 VW Beetle

    5-1977 Triumph TR-7

    6-1982 Mazda 626 Coupe (RWD)

    7-1988 Merkur Scorpio

    8-1998 Jaguar XK8 Convertible

    9-2008 Mercury Sable AWD (Ford Taurus)

    Hmmm, only 9 cars in 42 years, after the first few I tended to keep them a long time (I still have my namesake).The Sable is my first brand new car in 31 years after the TR-7, 124 and Pinto. All the others were 2-4 years old when I got them.


    Mine is a very boring list in terms of what I’ve owned:

    Fiat Punto (loved it, it got broken into, too damaged to be worth repairing)

    Vauxhall Astra (hated it, got rid of it after I was rammed off the road by joyriders coming home from Rockingham a few years ago)

    Ford Mondeo (currently being repaired by Ratboy!)

    Volkswagen Bora (my brother’s spare car…)

    But in my four-and-a-bit years as a motoring journalist before I began doing F1 Fanatic full time I drove a huge range of cars including some very tasty ones:

    BMW M5 (overall favourite)

    Ferrari F430 Scuderia (sublime)

    Ferrari 599 (didn’t blow me away like the F430 but still a Ferrari)

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ 320 (loads of fun, very expensive to run)

    Audi RS6 (Gallardo engine in an estate – a grown-up boys’ toy)

    Renaultsport Megane R26 (astonishingly quick at changing direction)

    Renault Clio Renaultsport Cup (ghastly interior but so much fun you don’t care)

    Honda Civic Type-R (lovely chassis and styling but underpowered. Bet the Mugen is a hoot)


    And an honourable mention must go to the Skoda Superb which is a great car with a terrific amount of kit for the price. Loved it.

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