Cost to Visit Every Race in a Season

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    I am hoping to retire in about 6 years and one of the things I am thinking about doing is spending some of my pension (the lump sum) on stuff I’d never normally do.

    One idea is to spend a year/season visiting every F1 race. Any idea what budget I would need for this?

    Flights will be one of the main costs (£800 or so return to Australia for example) – I live in the UK so European flights will be quite affordable but obviously the long hauls will not be cheap. Happy to fly economy to keep costs down.

    I don’t need to stay in expensive hotels, but would want some comfort so hostels are out, also would want a few days either side of the race to take in the local sights.

    I did read about someone who did this and it cost about £60k which is out of my budget, but they stayed in 5 star hotels, so I think I can get it done on a smaller budget. Ideally I’d want to keep it under £20k but could stretch it a bit.

    Any comments welcome, anyone know rough ideas for ticket prices for the races and where to view them from? I would want pretty good seats and I know some can be expensive.

    Also anyone know when tickets go on sale for the coming season as I think by booking early it might be a bit cheaper, for the flights at least.


    Is there a particular website to get tickets from?

    I’m finding you can get a reasonable granstand seat for £300-£500 for most events. Are there any tracks where general admission is worthwhile?


    There was an article written by Dieter which can provide some useful information about the costs you are looking at:

    Why original motor sport journalism is under pressure

    He has done it from the perspective of a journalist covering the event, but I guess main costs are similar. I don’t see the tickets listed either.


    Thanks, I’ll have a read.


    OK so I’ve priced up flights for 2020 as a test, I won’t be doing this in 2020 as I don’t retire for a few years yet. Total cost for all races, return flights is around £6,000.

    Now I need to cost the tickets for the races themselves, is this best done by booking through each circuits website or should I go via a central website?



    It looks like Granstand tickets are going to be about the same cost as flights, ie £6,000 for every race, they are around £300 or so per race for a reasonable grandstand, not the best seats but good enough. Not all tickets are available yet so will need to check this.

    Monaco is £700!

    However, I could do some General Admission maybe to get the cost down, anyone recommend which tracks suit GA? These are available at some tracks for about £50-£100.

    Accommodation is coming out around £300 per week, I’m going for budget type hotels, don’t need luxury but would like my own bathroom, so total cost is going to be around £18,000 for the season plus food and spending money. My wife says she wants to come too so double that (ish)!

    Funnily enough all the long haul (no Europe) races are about £400-£450 for the flights, the most expensive flights are Mexico at £650. The short haul flights are mainly under £100 each.

    I may combine some races to keep costs down, ie USA > Mexico > Brazil as I imagine (not checked) that USA (Dallas) to Mexico flights are not too pricey.

    What other races would work as combos? Australia > China I guess, don’t want to fly to Aus just for the weekend!

    This means I can get a nice long holiday and do some sightseeing in between races, although I suppose the money saved on flights will simply get spent on accommodation etc instead, but may help with the jet lag if nothing else.

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