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    With the current clash of Le Mans and the Baku GP there has been a lot of talk about Formula One drivers racing elsewhere. Vettel most recently said he thinks drivers are afraid of losing respect and stature by possibly losing in other series. You might be quick in F1 but that doesn’t mean you’re quick in, his example, DTM.

    His comments made me wonder though. Are we sure of that? To me, there have been no notable F1 drivers in the DTM. David Coulthard had a fun spell without much success but he isn’t really what represents talent of F1. Some others have done DTM, gone to F1 and returned like Paul Di Resta and Christian Albers. Neither have achieved much afterwards. Mika Hakkinen perhaps, he raced in the DTM between 2005 and 2007 winning three times. There’s a pretty list of F1 drivers that have actively raced in the DTM; Ralf Schumacher, Allan McNish, Jean Alesi, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Timo Glock and so on.

    So, my question really is how would real Formula One stars fare in the DTM do you think, drivers like Vettel, Hamilton or Alonso? They made minced meat of all of above I’d say, why not of the DTM field too? If a DTM driver was really that good, wouldn’t he be in F1 in the first place anyway? More drivers have been trying to find their way into F1 via DTM so surely a Formula One world champion would have no problem having success in DTM?

    To go a step further, let’s say Button fancies a run in GP2, do we think he would defeat Vandoorne on his day? Webber for example did some very good stints on his way to the title, agreed accompanied by some lesser too. Kimi Raikonnen proved WRC is a category apart but as far as circuit racing goes, how do you think a talented F1 driver would do in another series?


    To answer the JB vs. Vandoorne question, Vandoorne would win if it happened tomorrow. Jenson hasn’t had the seat time that Stoffel has. Unfortunately we can’t set their experience back to zero, much the same if they faced off in the MP4-30 Jenson would win.

    I would personally love to see F1 drivers race elsewhere, and those series would agree with me. Imagine Alonso or Button in a LMP1 or Ricciatdo in a NASCAR? It would depend on who has the time and the courage.

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