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    I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on tablet devices like the iPad. Have you bought one, or are you planning to get one?

    Have you tried viewing F1 Fanatic on one and, if so, what’s the experience been like?

    Would you like to see F1 Fanatic applications for devices like this?

    Or perhaps you’re not convinced by the technology?

    Whatever, I want to hear from you (if we could keep the Mac-versus-PC fanboy bashing to a minimum that would be terrific!)


    Yes, I have seen F1 Fanatic on an iPad, the screen is big enough to run the full site at a normal size, it is no different than viewing it on a netbook, so it works fine.

    however an actual application would be a fantastic idea especially if it works on the iPod touch and iPhone as well,


    Having an iPod and an iPad, I have to say the website looks much better on iPad in normal version then the mobile version on my iPod. An iPod app would be fantastic, and so would an iPad one (though as needed) yes I am aware I can go to the normal version on the iPod but then everything is akward and weird.


    For the first two months when I moved to Toronto, I relied on an iPod Touch to view F1Fanatic. There was basically no difference (apart from the shortcomings of the iPod Touch, not specific to this site) to using a normal computer.

    An application would be great for anyone relying on/using such a device, but I don’t think it would really improve anything except for replying to comments. On the mobile site, you can’t reply to anyone directly – instead it and any other direct replies are posted to the bottom, which makes things confusing. But that could be fixed by tinkering with the mobile site and doesn’t necessitate an app.

    And for the record, I do think it’s all just expensive fads!

    Rubbish Dave

    I think whatever gains there might be aren’t worth the cost in terms of time. The iPad does have a capable browser after all.


    I visit this site a lot on my iPhone when I don’t have my laptop with me, and it’s fine.

    An app would be useless in my opinion. I assume it would work in a similar fashion to other apps I have where they are either pulling data straight from the website or even just launch Safari itself to view a page. My bank app does this, and the bank is so proud of their iPhone App when all it does is open up Safari!


    I’ve used the sight on iPhone and iPad. It’s definitely a nicer experience on the iPad. An iOS app would be very cool, but the site runs pretty nicely in Safari once you exit the mobile version. One update that might be nice is a link to exit the mobile site at the top of the page, the way eBay and other sites do it. As it is, if there are a lot of comments on an article scrolling past them to the bottom to get to the exit-mobile link can be a bit annoying.


    If an app is made for the I phone/pad please don’t forget to make an android version.


    US_Peter – does it display the mobile version by default to iPad users? That’s probably something I’ll change.


    I dont have an Ipad(Or anything Apple) but saw the topic and I had come and look.

    I do have an android device though, the HTC Google phone, and that has similar apps to the Ipod and other Apple products. So was wondering if you do an Apple one would you do a Android one to? :D also to your post above to US_Peter, my phone brings up the mobile version to(who would have guess lol) but since its a smart phone I would have assumed it would go straight to the pc version.


    No keith, on the ipadd the default is the regular website, not mobile. There are a few problems with the mobile site, pictures are cut off, it’s all really dull and colorless, you can’t reply to some one, you have to use a reg comment, but everything else is good.

    Don Speekingleesh

    I think a better mobile/touch site would be ideal rather than an app which limited to one OS only, and frustrating for those left out.


    Well, as long as you don’t mind a negative post…

    1. I haven’t got an ipad, or an ipod or any portable device, so

    2. I really don’t mind either way, and

    3. Eventually it will be replaced by a “new, improved”, very expensive piece of kit.

    I am considering the purchase of a laptop, anybody got one to recommend?


    The more I think about it, the more I think Don Speekingleesh is right. If the comments worked better on the mobile site there would really be no reason for an app… Either way I’d be happy. For the iPad the full site seems to work great, so I don’t see much reason for an app.


    I agree with the majority of the comments on here, the only issue I (and many others by the sounds of things) have with the mobile site is the comments, they aren’t staggered like they are on the full site and it makes it rather hard to read them all especially as you don’t know who replied what to who and it gets rather confusing

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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